Sue Atkin's top tips for Parents going from two to three Children

Adding a third child to the family may require some considerations in advance.

More than half of British parents of three children state that three is the magic number and are pleased to have grown their family to this size.  

Welcoming a third child will certainly require adjustment from the whole family. Leading parenting expert, Sue Atkins, shares her tips on how to harmoniously welcome a third child into the family.

1. Planning is key

Having one extra mouth to feed means doing everything you do for two children, plus an extra 50%. Meal plans are key and as your youngest gets older, ensure you have enough plates, beakers etc. for three.

2. Embrace individualism

Sometimes it is easier to bulk buy items but each child will be different. They’ll have different friends and interests which will mean that they will grow up into different individual people. Celebrate this individuality by not treating them as a group. Make sure that you give each of them quality individual time.

3. Synchronised sleeping

Don’t get tempted to use the peace and quiet when they are napping to clean, wash up and so on. When the third child is a baby, sleep when they sleep. It will keep you sane.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

With the extra washing, cleaning and countless other chores that come with a third child, it can sometime seem a bit daunting. Especially when all you want to do is spend some time with a partner. Don’t be afraid to draft in support.

5. Give yourself a break

Having three children is a lot of work and it can be hard at times. If you don’t spend exactly the same amount of time with each child that’s not a problem, they will enjoy the benefits of growing up in a busy household.


About Sue Atkins

Sue Atkins is an internationally recognized parenting expert, broadcaster, speaker and author of the Amazon best-selling books “Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children” and “Raising Happy Children for Dummies". She has just launched her new Parenting Club bursting with quick win videos, monthly webinars, including interviews with experts from around the world.

Sue produces ‘The Sue Atkins Parenting Show’, a free weekly podcast which is bursting with Sue’s practical ideas, techniques and down to earth strategies for raising happy, confident, resilient children with strong self-esteem. To receive her free eBooks bursting with practical tips and helpful advice from toddler to teen log on to


Sue Atkins offers practical guidance for bringing up happy and confident children.
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