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5 Things Parents Should Look for on Child Care Resumes

Finding the perfect babysitter or nanny starts with the right resume.

Finding the right person to care for your little one is a daunting task. You want someone with Mrs. Doubtfire’s nurturing nature and Mary Poppins’ sunny disposition. But that’s no easy feat.

After you’ve scoured the four corners of the Earth (and Google) for your perfect child care provider candidates, the question becomes: What does that person look like in the form of a child care resume? What are key phrases and experiences you should keep an eye out for? And most importantly, what are the red flags? Here are five things you should pay close attention to:

1. Age-appropriate experience

The needs of an infant vary wildly from that of a preschooler. You’ll want to look for someone who’s worked with children that are the age equivalent of yours. If their resume doesn’t clearly list the ages of the children they’ve worked with, scan the it for special skills that relate to age such as “changing diapers,” “potty training” or “teaching children how to write their name.”

2. Safety requirements

One of the first things families may look for on a child care resume is a CPR certification. You can verify their certification through the American Heart Association’s CPRVerify site (https://www.cprverify.org/). This online tool will help you quickly check on training completed by an authorized AHA instructor and can be conveniently done any time of day, 365 days a year. You’ll also want to scan the resume for skills in administering basic first aid and child-proofing the home. After all, safety first!

3. Technical skills

In some cases, you’ll want to be reassured that your child care provider can operate some of the basic appliances that are necessary in the maintenance and cleanliness of a household with a child. Remember: your babysitter or nanny isn’t a cleaning service—but knowing how to keep an orderly and germ-free environment will go a long way in preventing illnesses. No wants their child to get sick! Check the resume for mentions of “preparing food,” “dishwashers,” “washing machine” and “disinfecting toys or surfaces.”

4. References

A list of references is an excellent way to vouch for the candidate’s reliability and character. Checking references is a must during any babysitting hiring process. After all, finding a nanny or babysitter whose background aligns with your household’s responsibilities and values will make the transition all the easier. References are also a great way to gauge how responsible, caring and engaging a candidate is. Once you’ve narrowed down your child care search to a finalist, you may want to take the next step and invest in a background check.

5. Child care degree

While it’s not a necessity, a degree or certification specific to child care is an added advantage. You might want to also look for any experience with teaching, instructing or volunteering with kids.

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