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10 Creative Kids’ Cooking Classes Around Denver

Lucy in Denver, CO
Sept. 22, 2017

Here are some of the best classes for your little chef in and around the Mile High City.

Image via Facebook/Uncorked Kitchen

So many memories in my household were built around the kitchen, and I think that still speaks true as an adult. Baking gingerbread with my grandmother, grilling steaks with my dad, and learning the importance of ingredients from my gardening mother were all important lessons as a child. The kitchen was a place to gather, create, and share a love of food. Starting our children cooking young is important for so many reasons, if not just for a way to get them involved in an activity with you or even just to have a few moments together recapping your day.

Parents, babysitters, or nannies may not always have the time, skills, or even patience after a long day to teach kids the ropes in the kitchen. Don’t fret! There’s more than one class option for kids to expand their love of food while learning and using all the pots and pans in a professional kitchen. Whether the interest stems in baking and decorating cakes or exploring the more adventurous French cuisine, there are plenty of options around the Denver Metro area.


The Seasoned Chef

Address: 999 Jasmine St., Ste. 100, Denver, CO 80220
Hours: Young Chef classes, Tuesday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (June - August) | Other hours vary by event. Click here for details.
Price: One-day class, $75 | Two-day class, $149
Phone: 303-377-3222

One- and two-day classes and camps are specifically designed for children ages 11 and up and teach them not only the fundamental skills needed for getting around a kitchen, but also confidence in cooking great dishes. These classes are meant for the child who has a strong curiosity and love of food and wants to take their skills to the next level. Children learn the importance of using fresh ingredients on a daily basis. In addition to cooking classes, the Seasoned Chef is also planning a series of baking workshops.


Uncorked Kitchen

Address: 8171 S. Chester St., Ste. A, Centennial, CO 80112
Hours: Varies by class session. Click here for details.
Price: Ranges by age, $250-285 for 5-week session
Phone: 720-907-3838

Today the kids really worked on their knife skills in class today! Check out these potato and carrot sticks! #kidscooking

A post shared by Uncorked Kitchen (@uncorkedkitchen) on

These five-week cooking sessions make for great after-school activities for kids and teens alike. The youngest chefs begin at 3 years old and go all the way to 17 years old. Of course, the classes spent with your 3-to-5-year-old are meant to be held with parent participation, as well. What better way to learn kid-friendly menus and basic cooking skills than led by a professional culinary expert who will guide your child through their love of food? During each session, your child is given the confidence to create beautiful and healthy meals, while learning basic cooking skills and the importance of individual ingredients. The goal is to ignite a passion in food for young chefs.


Kitchen Table Cooking

Address: 6380 S. Fiddler’s Green Circle, Ste. 108A, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Hours: Vary according to class schedule.
Price: Usually $80 per person, per class. Call for details.
Phone: 303-220-9769

What better way to spend time with your kids than teaching them how to cook? The classes at Kitchen Table Cooking are one-day sessions spread throughout the year. Most holiday weeks and weekends include a class or two for children and their parents. They currently are hoping to have more consistent classes scheduled Saturdays and “Kids Camps,” which will take place during holiday breaks -- weekdays specifically. Taking a class over the holidays could be a great way for you and your child to create a new tradition together while also getting a little messy. Class topics vary from Italian to Baja grilling to baking special treats. Go to their website linked above for a complete list of upcoming classes or to be put on their distribution list.


My Make Studio

Address: 6460 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80222
Hours: Vary by class. Click here for details.
Price: Start at $40 per class, per person.
Phone: 720-334-8001

Whether you’re planning an exciting birthday party or taking a class with your child, My Make Studio has everything you’ll need to have a messy, fun-filled day. Learn techniques only the best bakers know, such as how to properly pipe intricate flowers or how to roll out the right amount of fondant to cover your sponge cake. What’s better than baking a cake? Decorating the cake, of course! Classes range from haunted house decorating to Harry Potter-themed cakes and succulent-covered cupcakes. Children must be at least 8 years old to participate in these classes, and we recommend calling ahead to find out the latest class offerings.


Stir It Up Cooking School

Address: 1140 S. Lashley Lane, Boulder, CO 80305
Hours: Vary by class or event.
Price: Start at $44. Vary by class. Click here for details.
Phone: 303-494-2665

Image via Facebook/Stir It Up Cooking School

Holiday breaks can be tough on both you and your kids. They may not have school, but you’re still grinding away at the office. A great way to fill that time would be by signing your child up for cooking classes at the Stir It Up Cooking School in Boulder. During these “mini camps” offered during days off and breaks, children experience hands-on learning in the kitchen either individually or in small groups. While learning to cook, your child will also practice their communication skills, which are important when working in a kitchen.

Classes are focused on specific dishes from French pastries to pasta sauces and baking delicious treats. They’re also encouraged to try new flavors and recipes, and they’ll get the opportunity to pick -- and use -- fresh ingredients from Stir It Up’s backyard garden. So instead of spending their day off in front of the computer, perhaps sign your child up for a food enriching class that can teach them how to create something delicious they can share at home.


Sur La Table

Address: 121 Clayton Ln., Denver, CO 80206
Hours & Price: Vary by class time and location.
Phone: 720-377-3512

Not only does Sur la Table offer summer “camp” classes for kids, but they also do a variety of holiday-specific classes to take with your little ones. Enjoy a date with your child learning to bake sweet Christmas gingerbread or cooking dumplings. The classes and schedule vary each holiday and year, but if you check their website or call the number above, they will be happy to help you find the ideal class for you and your child to enjoy over break. Summer camps range from one- to three-day classes that are offered specifically from June until August and focus on building confidence in the kitchen.


Sticky Fingers Cooking

Locations: Various. Click here for details.
Hours & Price: Vary by location
Phone: 303-648-4078

Mmmmmmm #flatbread!!

A post shared by Sticky Fingers Cooking (@stickyfingerscooking) on

Catering to several schools with before- and after-school programs in the Denver metro and surrounding areas, Sticky Fingers Cooking comes highly recommended from “5280” magazine’s previous and longtime food editor, Amanda Faison. Not only are they offered specifically at schools, but several other locations can also be found, including camps and private events or parties.

In every class, children gain the knowledge to work with confidence and how to safely execute this knowledge in their kitchens at home. Every class is built around the idea of getting a little messy while gaining hands-on experience creating healthy and delicious food, including cake pops made from yogurt, pad thai, lemon pancakes, and much more.


Children’s Museum of Denver Marsico Campus

Location: 2121 Children's Museum Drive, Denver, CO 80211
Hours: Classes vary daily. Click here for details.
Price: Free with museum admission.
Phone: 303-433-7444

No need for getting out your checkbook or signing up months in advance for a quick and easy cooking class to partake in with your little ones. If you find yourself at the Children’s Museum, sign up for a cooking class where even infant siblings are welcome to hang out with you and your little chef during the class. Classes teach children about food, specifically where it comes from, and how to safely use kitchen utensils to create a fun and healthy meal or snack.

Your child will learn how to cut up vegetables for a healthy salad or how to pick out produce that is ripe and ready to eat or even how to make a fresh salsa to dip those crunchy chips in. Be sure to sign up on the sheet outside the upstairs kitchen in the morning when you arrive. Classes can fill quickly and are first come, first served.


For the Love of Food West

Location: 25918 Genesee Trail Road, Golden, CO 80401
Hours & Price: Vary by day and class.
Phone: 303-317-7399

Image via Facebook/For the Love of Food West: Cooking Classes, Culinary Team Building, Events

If your child isn’t much of a sports buff and prefers baking to basketball, the after-school classes at For the Love of Food West are a great option. During these classes, children create new friendships, expand their palates, and learn their way around a kitchen. Classes are taught by a Culinary Institute graduate with more than 30 years of experience and offered to children ages 10-16. If you don’t want to leave home, hire For the Love of Food to bring the cooking fun to you and your family so everyone can get involved in a homemade pasta dinner or dessert-baking battle. Children with special needs are welcome.


Food Lab Boulder

Location: 1825 Pearl A, Boulder, CO 80302
Hours: Vary by class and program.
Price: Start at $75 for School Day Off Camps & go to $350 for After School Culinary Programs
Phone: 303-953-8364

Food Lab Boulder is a well-known recreational cooking school with the goal of providing aspiring cooks with an approachable space where they can learn new techniques and recipes without feeling too overwhelmed. Food Lab offers classes and even parties that are specifically designed for children that dive into the basic techniques of using a knife, whisk, or even the stove. They also aim to build the confidence in children to try new recipes, textures, and foods.  So whether you enroll your child in an eight-week course focused on Italian cuisine and techniques, or your child is looking to do something a little different for their birthday this year, Food Lab has the space and knowledge to accommodate all their cooking needs.


Did we miss your go-to cooking class program? Let us know in the comments below!

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