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They just stop responding, and I am so exhausted and frustrated from it. I want to cry!

User in Allen, TX
July 31, 2017

In the past month 3 separate people searching for care have told me they were VERY interested and I met one, I even went out of my way to tell her all the extra things I would help with, I was very flexible and she seemed %100 ON BOARD with using me, reassuring me she would contact me in the next couple days. So almost a week goes by and I haven't hear back so I contact her and no response... Then one more time with no response. So I figured she decided to go another way and for some reason decided not to tell me. Then this EXACT same scenario happened 2 more times one Father even told me he would see me at a certain time and was looking forward to it, I rearranged my schedule and pretty much sat around for 45 minutes just waiting for them to show up, with no response and then I go to look on care.com and the job is "CLOSED"!!! Why do people keep doing this? I am in total SHOCK and at whits end as to why they keep doing this. I mean just send a quick message or give me a quick phone call saying you decided to go another way...  It's EXTREMELY RUDE AND FRUSTRATING! I don't know what to do, and it just keeps happening.... :-(

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