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The 10 Best Local Mom Blogs for New York City Moms

Jenny Powers
July 27, 2017

Good news, Big Apple moms: We cut through the internet noise and found your new online BFFs.

Image via Unsplash.com/@corinnekutz

'You forgot to sign the field trip permission slip (again!), still need to run out to buy something for tomorrow’s school bake sale, have nothing to wear to the fundraising gala next week, your nanny called in sick, and just realized your boss called a meeting at the same exact time as today’s parent-teacher conference. You're barely hanging on, yet, somehow, everyone around you seems to be perfecting their selfie pout, instagramming their kid’s gourmet-quality lunch, or tracking their family’s accomplishments in an Excel spreadsheet to gush about in this year’s holiday card.

Who can you turn to for understanding, advice, resources, and the occasional good laugh or cry? Mommy bloggers, that’s who! These women were put on this earth to tell other moms like us that it’s OK if you show the world the rough cut while everyone else is posting the edited and painstakingly curated version of their own lives.

Between changing diapers, feeding the cat, and doing the laundry, there’s barely time to read the side of the Cheerios box without an interruption. Bite-size blogs you can peruse while standing on line at the grocery checkout or during your morning commute can be a mom’s secret weapon.

Here are 10 New York mommy blogs that have cut through the internet noise and stood out for both their personality and their content. Check them out the next time you're locked in the bathroom trying to get some alone time!

A Child Grows in Brooklyn, by Kim Janulewicz and Mollie Michel


Image via Facebook/A Child Grows in Brooklyn


This blog -- the most-followed parenting blog in the entire borough -- is the Holy Grail for Brooklyn families. Moms Kim Janulewicz and Mollie Michel provide a comprehensive list of family-friendly activities in the area and also make sure to keep you up to date with neighborhood news.

In addition to its web presence, A Child Grows hosts an annual family and baby expo in Brooklyn, as well as a virtual expo about summer camps to help families find the right fit for their children.


Image via A Child Grows in Brooklyn


The site also features parenting articles that offer recommendations on everything from how to tell your boss you're pregnant to a recent piece on snarky comebacks for unsolicited parenting advice.

Stroller in the City, by Brianne Manz


Image via Stroller in the City


Mother of three Brianne Manz, a former fashion showroom owner-turned blogger, believes that just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of the cool stuff. Hailing from Manhattan, Manz sources and shares the hippest looks for kids that will have you wishing they came in your size. Stroller in the City also includes the best baby gear and gadgets on the market. There’s even a fun section exclusively for mama!


Image via Stroller in the City


The blog features the entire Manz family and shares their personal experiences exploring the city and traveling to family-friendly destinations. Additionally, Manz hosts local events around Manhattan and takes her readers along for the ride!

Mommy Shorts, by Ilana Wiles 


When you just want to take a photo with your kid in the beautiful setting 🙄 #averageparentproblems

A post shared by Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts) on

Downtown Manhattanite Ilana Wiles was a creative director in advertising for 15 years before leaving to focus on her blog full time in 2013. Wiles blogs about her two daughters, Harlow and Mazzy, and her husband, Mike, whom she says she loves slightly more than her computer (but slightly less than ice cream).

Her blog focuses on lots of personal stories, memes, and the hilarious “The Mommy Shorts Show” web series, where celebrities come to Wiles’ NYC apartment for an interview while she simultaneously cares for her daughters. Everyone from Broadway and “Frozen” star Idina Menzel to “The Sopranos” tough guy Steve Schirripa have made guest appearances on her living room couch.

For more laughs, pick up Wiles’ book “The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting.”

MomTrends, by Nicole Feliciano 





Image via MomTrends


In 2007, Nicole Feliciano left her executive job at Ralph Lauren and launched MomTrends to focus on sharing trends and tips to live a fashionable life.



Image via MomTrends


Reading this blog is like chatting with one of your girlfriends. MomTrends wants to be your online BFF and isn’t afraid to share where she bought that little black dress you’ve been drooling over. This blog is bursting at the seams with fashion tips and trend reports for the “style-starved” ranging from perfect summer hostess gift ideas to swim trends for moms to the lowdown on fiber eyelashes and brows and, believe it or not, press-on nails!

Divalysscious Moms, by Lyss Stern


 Image via Divalysscious Moms


Founded by New York City mom Lyss Stern, Divalysscious Moms “was born to bridge the gap between a glam, pre-baby lifestyle and a post-baby life.”

So, if you were a Louboutin-wearing, Soul Cycle-riding Drybar diva before baby, Stern preaches you shouldn’t have to trade it all in for a stroller and Mommy & Me classes. To prove it, Stern hosts a variety of chic events throughout the year to bring NYC families together.

The Mogul Mom, by Melissa Bolton

Image via The Mogul Mom


Blogger Melissa Bolton means business, and her small business blog is a gold mine for women looking to start their own business or those already running one. When Bolton had a baby, she traded in her briefcase for a diaper bag and launched a home-based business so she could have more flexibility. Bolton has run both product- and service-based businesses from her home, and now she shares her expertise and advice with other mompreneurs.

Her blog offers free startup advice. Entries include “Everything You Need to Know to Start a Work From Home Business” and “How to Charge What You’re Worth.” She even provides a comprehensive directory of resources to help you get started.


Image via The Mogul Mom

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, be sure to check out this blog for straight talk about what it’s like and what you’ll need to not only survive, but thrive.

Wealthy Single Mommy, by Emma Johnson

Image via Wealthy Single Mommy

Spitfire Emma Johnson is the mother of two kids and lives in Queens. Her popular blog is the only one devoted exclusively to professional single moms.

Raised by a single mother herself, Johnson says that her humble upbringing had a lot to do with shaping who she is now and how she thinks about money. In addition to parenting, her blog tackles everything from money and business to sex and relationships. A longtime financial writer, Johnson is also the host of the podcast “Like a Mother.”

Love Taza, by Naomi “Taza” Davis



Naomi, aka "Taza," Davis offers up fun stories and magazine-quality photos of her extremely photogenic family.

She talks food for both the bigs and the littles as well as how to travel the world, and shares lots of practical advice for New Yorkers, like how to maximize living and closet space in an apartment.

In addition, Davis has created neighborhood guides to help you navigate the best parts of each neighborhood. She’s also made a bunch of cool videos, so be sure to check those out, too.

Lady and the Blog, by Vera Sweeney



Image via Lady and the Blog


NYC mom of three Vera Sweeney gives off a sophisticated, worldly vibe. Lady and the Blog is a true mix of content, ranging from travel to fashion, but there’s also some unexpected content, like contests and product reviews.

Sweeney has a section dedicated to their own family escapades and shares personal stories and tackles other subjects, like food, living, and travel, as well.


Image via Lady and the Blog

One minute Sweeney is partying poolside with her girlfriends, and the next she’s donning a paper crown and cheering at Medieval Times alongside her husband and their three children, and then suddenly she’s telling you how to score that product rebate.

Amy Ever After by Amy Oztan

Image via Amy Ever After


This Brooklyn-based wife and mother of two used to have a blog called Selfish Mom where she referred to her lawyer-husband, Omer, as “The Ass.” She’s changed the name of the site and swears she no longer calls Omer “The Ass,” but she hasn’t changed her sense of humor, thankfully.

On her blog you’ll find yourself truly laughing out loud with her “We are all in this together, but I was first” attitude along with recommendations on lots of new gadgets to explore along with a bunch of simple recipes for busy moms, which is pretty much every mom.


Did we list all your favorite mom bloggers in the area? Let us know in the comments below!

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