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Why would you need a nanny?

The Nanny Guide: Why Would You Need a Nanny?
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If you’ve been on the hunt for quality, affordable child care, you know that there are plenty of options out there. From child-to-caregiver ratio, schedules, and budget, there’s a lot that goes into a parent’s decision.

But if you’re wondering if a nanny may be the right fit for you, here’s a basic breakdown of what they do:

Child Care

Nannies are household employees whose primary job is caring for your children. Whether you need part-time, full-time, live-in or live-out care, many nannies offer schedules that fit yours. A nanny is also highly committed to the growth, education, and safety of your kids. This means that her main goal is helping you raise your children.

For newborns through high school, nannies cover a wide range of age groups. You may need help bottle-feeding your newborn or getting your middle school student off to band practice. A nanny can help you do all of that, depending on her area of expertise. She will also create structure and provide companionship for your children, no matter their age.

“Bonus” Services

Most nannies offer transportation services, whether that means to/from school or for activities. They also prepare and serve meals, organize playdates or outings, and can even provide preschool and developmental type lessons for younger children. Some nannies have training or formal degrees in early childhood development or education, making them a huge asset for school-aged children.

A nanny will also help with child-related household needs, possibly including laundry, dishes, toy clean-up, etc. Note: other non-child-related household needs are not always included in a nanny’s rates. Make sure to clarify any expectations you may have before hiring anyone.

Part of the Family

For many parents, a nanny becomes another family member – one who is active in the child’s life and who is highly trusted with their safety and care. There is a unique dynamic to hiring a nanny, as you’re letting someone immerse themselves in the lives of your children. This level of interaction provides a lot of support for your children as they grow, and for you as a working parent.

Having consistent in-home care also allows a level of stability in the home that children thrive in. Having a steady caregiving presence will also make sure that children don’t have to switch providers often, which can disrupt their behavior, education, and development.

Dedicated Household Employee

Unlike day cares, babysitters, or other options, a nanny is a dedicated employee. They come to your home, follow your specific guidelines and wishes, and their schedule fits to yours. You can hire individuals who meet your safety, education, or experience requirements.

A nanny may charge higher rates than day care or babysitters because they are experienced and provide long-term care in your home. They are also heavily committed to the development and education of your children.

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