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The Top 10 Mommy and Me Classes in Tampa

Ciarra Luster
July 27, 2017
Image courtesy of Unsplash.com/@davidbeale

You're tired, but you also know that you need to get out of the house. You want to spend time with your kids, but you also want to connect with other moms, too. You've got a million and one chores to do around the house, but all you want to do is blow off some steam. (It might also be worth considering getting a housekeeper to help you out!) No matter whether you're a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom, or a work-at-work mom, you're all too familiar with this delicate balancing act. 

But don't fret -- we're here to help! We took some time to talk to Tampa-area insiders about what they do to stay sane, while also getting in some quality time with their kiddos. Lo and behold, it turns out that Mommy and Me classes are by far the way to go!

And, with that, here's a comprehensive list of insider-approved “Mommy and Me” classes and activities in the Tampa area.

"Allisongs for Tots" | Hyde Park Village Studio

Address: 740 S. Village Cir., Tampa, FL 33606
Cost: 2-Week Program, $35 | 12-Week Program, $190 | Siblings under 8 months old, Free
Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Schedule: Click here to find class schedules.

Image courtesy of the Allisongs for Tots, LLC Facebook page

Sure, your kid isn’t an incredible musician...yet. But maybe they can be! “Allisongs for Tots” at Hyde Park Village Studio offers a variety of musical programs designed to be fun for the whole family -- and neither you or your little one have to be virtuosos to have a great time. These classes encourage parents and kids to experiment with lyrics and instruments, and really just jam out as a family! Each program also comes with a free CD of music from the class for you and the kids to sing along to at home. 

Classes meet once a week (programs last anywhere from two weeks to 12 weeks) and are broken up into two age groups: “Babies,” which is for infants under 8 months, and “Mixed Age,” which is for kids from 8 months up to 5 years. Allisongs also offers Suzuki Violin classes for kids as young as 3 years old!

"Baby Bungalow" | Children’s Board Family Resource Centers Central Tampa

Address: 1002 E. Palm Ave., Tampa, FL 33605
Cost: Free
Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Schedule: Click the links to find schedules for the following classes: Baby & Me | Growing Together | Little Amigos | Music & More | Wonder Years

My mom-friends all rave about Baby Bungalow at the Children’s Board Family Resource Center. If you have a teeny tiny tot, try out the "Baby & Me" class, which is a 5-week class that's specifically designed to foster parent-child bonding and encourage your non-walking little one to explore freely.

Baby Bungalow also has a bunch of classes for the older kids. Introduce your little one to the Spanish language through music, song, and activities in the "Little Amigos" class. Get them ready for preschool with the "Wonder Years" class. Or, for children on the noisier side, take them to "Music and More," where they can bang on instruments somewhere other than your kitchen. Believe it or not, but this class teaches them valuable lessons about social, emotional, and language development, in addition to helping them work on their motor skills. You can even learn infant massage techniques to strengthen your bond with your baby, or you can try the "Growing Together" class, which is a 5-week playgroup for walking 1-year-olds that incorporates music and fine motor skills.

The best part? All of the classes are free! Schedules for each class vary, so you’ll want to check out the website before you head on over. While on the website, take a look at the wealth of health and safety classes they offer.

Keep in mind that your child will have to complete a development screening before you can register them.

"Paint Me a Story" | Color Me Mine

Address: 1609 W. Snow Cir., Tampa, FL 33606
Cost: Varies
Class Length: Varies
Class Schedule: 1st Wednesday of the Month, 9:30 a.m.

Pottery painting classes have become a popular trend for date nights and ladies' night out (and, let’s be honest, those are mostly about the free wine that comes with it). However, Color Me Mine in Hyde Park Village offers a class just for you and the kids as well: "Paint Me a Story."

"Paint Me a Story" is the perfect event for kiddos aged 2-5. It's a monthly Mommy and Me workshop that's held on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:30 a.m. There, you can enjoy a story and a snack, all while getting a little messy painting a piece of pottery.  

Although not regularly scheduled, I’ve also spotted daddy/daughter and movie night events at Color Me Mine. Prices vary depending on the project, which is sure to earn a coveted space in your china cabinet.

"Bedtime Stories" | Jan Kaminis Platt Public Library

Address: 3910 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa, FL 33611
Cost: Free
Class Length: 20-30 minutes
Class Schedule: Click here to find class schedules.

I’m constantly amazed by the incredible free resources that public libraries provide their communities. In this case, the Platt Library in South Tampa has a ton of great classes for the little ones. Babies and toddlers can attend readings that go way beyond your average storytime -- they also incorporate music and games to help foster our kids' love of libraries from a young age.

Monday nights’ "Bedtime Stories" program is the best because it gives you and your kids a free pass to wear your PJs out in public! You can even bring along your blankies to make the story and activity time even more special.

The library also has "Wee Artists" classes for kids 2-5 years old, where they can make crafts that are just the right fit for their tiny hands. Every public library in Hillsborough County has similar programs, so if another library is closer, you can check out schedules by location.

"Mommy & Me Yoga" | Green Locus Yoga

Address: 11961 Sheldon Rd., Tampa, FL 33626
Cost: 6-Week Series, $69
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Schedule: Click here for class schedules.

Getting back to the gym after having a baby is tough! It means carving out time in your schedule, and if you don’t have a gym that offers on-site child care, you’ll also need to find a babysitter to help you out.

That’s why the concept of a “Mommy and Me” yoga class is absolutely brilliant. Green Locus in Westchase gives new moms the best of both worlds: A great environment to practice yoga, while also getting to spend time with their kids. Babies from 6 weeks to crawling are welcome for Mommy & Me, and you can also bring your toddler along for toddler class. Green Locus even offers prenatal yoga classes, too!

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"Water Babies" | Seal Swim School

Address: 3703 W. McKay Ave., Tampa, FL 33609

  • Registration Fee: $55 registration fee for new families
  • Water Babies: Free
  • Parent Tot: 30-Minute Group Lesson, $20.75 per class | 15-Minute Private Lesson, $36 per class

Class Length:

  • Private Classes: 15 min.
  • Group classes: 30 min.

Class Schedule: Click here to find class schedule.

Whether you have a pool or not, this is Florida and we’re constantly surrounded by water -- so it’s really never too soon to put your kiddo into a swim class. In fact, there are a ton of benefits to getting your little ones in the water, including building their strength and confidence, as well as teaching them about water safety.

“Water Babies” is the school’s non-submerging class specifically designed for babies up to 5 months old. The idea here is really just to get your baby used to the water and ready for the next level of swim school. Seal Swim School also has “Parent Tot” classes for kids 6 months to 2 years old, which teach basic swimming and water safety skills.

Although “Water Babies” is free, there is a $55 registration fee for new families. In addition to South Tampa, Seal Swim School has locations in Lutz and Wesley Chapel.

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"My Parent & Me" | The Ice Sports Forum

Address: 10222 Elizabeth Pl., Tampa, FL 33619
Cost: $10 (includes skate rental for you and your little one) | Additional Skaters, $5
Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Schedule: Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Image courtesy of the Ice Sports Forum Brandon Facebook page

Admit it: You want to tell your friends that your kid learned to ice skate at the same place the Tampa Bay Lightning practice... 

...Well, maybe you didn’t know that was what you wanted until I told you it was an option -- but still, pretty cool, right?

The Ice Sports Forum has a special class just for little ones, called “My Parent & Me.” This class gives you the chance to skate with your child as they learn to get their ice rink “sea legs,” so to speak. This class is separate from the class with kids 6 years old and up, so you won’t have to worry about bigger kids getting in the way. Just don't forget to dress your little skater in warm clothes, gloves, and a helmet!

"Stroller Strides" | Fit4Mom

Address: 250 Westshore Plz., Tampa, FL 33609
Cost: $4 - $18, depending on package
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Schedule: Click here to find class schedules.

A minute for mom after a challenging workout.

A post shared by FIT4MOM Tampa Bay (@fit4momtb) on

Fit4Mom’s Stroller Strides is a full-body workout designed with the stroller in mind and taught by specially trained instructors.

“But what if my baby hates the stroller,” you may be asking your screen.

Fit4Mom says that you should still give it a try -- seeing other babies hanging out in their strollers might help! But if your baby is so fussy that you have to leave, they’ll credit you for the class so you can come back another time.

For those with a minute to spare sans-kid, and perhaps an extra pound or two hanging on, Fit4Mom runs an 8-week-long Body Back program loaded with high-intensity workouts. This workout program also functions as a great way to meet other moms, so you’re encouraged to stay after class and chat!

"Gymboree Play & Learn" | Gymboree

Address: 3309 South Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33629
Cost: Varies
Class Length: 45 minutes
Class Schedule: Click here to find class schedules.

Gymboree is an “oldie but goodie” in terms of mommy and me classes, considering that they’ve been around since the ‘70s! (You could say they’re the “OG” of “Mommy & Me.”) And there’s a reason for the brand’s longevity -- parents love the classes! Gymboree offers five different types of classes for kids 5 and under to take with their parents, and each option is broken up by age range. They are:

Art classes start out for kids 18-24 months, and let both you and your kiddo get your hands dirty with painting and sculpting.

"Play & Learn" classes are available for newborns and go up to a 3-year-old level. These classes introduce your little one to all sorts of new and fun things like ramps and slides, and move on as they get older to help them with new skills like balance, coordination, and problem solving. (Skills you may or may not still be learning as well, but who am I to judge?)

Kids as young as 6 months old can take music classes to discover melody, pitch, and rhythm.

"Mamas & Minis" and "Tumbling Tots" | Flip and Flow Gymnastics and Yoga

Address: 101 Westshore Plz., Tampa, FL 33609
Cost: Drop-In Classes, $12 | 4 Weekly Classes, $40
Class Length: 30 minutes
Class Schedule:

  • "Mamas & Minis" (9-24 months): Wednesday, 10:15 a.m. - 10.45 a.m.
  • "Tumbling Tots" (2-4 years): Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

A little downward dog at yoga this morning! Next class is Wednesday at 9:30. Only $10 drop-in!

A post shared by Village Square Westshore (@vs.westshore) on

"Mamas & Minis" with Flip & Flow Gymnastics lets you and your little one play around on a specially designed obstacle course to help teach them skills like balance, jumping, rolling, and swinging. Each class begins with a warm up and ends with learning a new yoga pose, along with a moment of silent meditation to help calm down those little minds after 20 minutes of running around.

While the Mamas & Minis class is perfect for kids aged 9 months to 2 years old, Tumbling Tots can help make 2 even just a bit less terrible (...or 3, or 4). If your little one is already bouncing off the walls, this class is sure to help you channel a bit of that energy.

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