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14 parents on the winter of their discontent (with kids)

The funniest parenting tweets about winter. Because being stuck in the house with kids is just... no.

Save for a very specific group of people, winter gets old for most of us — perhaps even more so when you have kids. Sure, the magic of the first snowfall is pretty, but after that, what are we left with? A messy house, lurking stomach viruses and kids who are climbing the walls with pent-up energy. That’s wha!

From the amount of time it takes toddlers to put on snow pants to the aversion older kids seem to have to jackets, here are 14 tweets from parents that nail the agony of winter with kids. 

1. Why is this so difficult for kids to get?

2. Is time standing still?

3. “But I’m not cooooold.”

4. “Still not cold.”

5. Once in a while, though, they come around. 

6. Isn’t this cozy?

7. When you just want to hibernate. 

8. How many mittens can you go through in a month: A study

9. Let’s tack on an extra 30 minutes each morning, why don’t we?

10. One word: Oof. 

11. At least their folder won’t catch a cold. 

12. Bet you didn’t learn this in a parenting book. 

13. You might want to pull up a chair. 

14. But then there are moments like this … 

15. Maybe this will get them to stop complaining?

16. When the snow days are just too much. 

17. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse.