17 tweets from parents who can’t escape their kids' nonstop snack requests

17 parents who can’t keep up with their kids’ never-ending snack requests

From the sheer volume of snacks you need when leaving the house to kids who bravely request one during dinner, parents reveal kids’ unstoppable obsession with snacks. 

Name a more iconic duo than kids and snacks. We’ll wait. Whether they just ate, are sitting down to a meal or are being strapped into their carseat for a five-minute trip, kids want all the snacks, all the time. Don’t get us wrong, we love a salty, packaged cracker just as much as the next person, but sheesh, kids! Take a break!

From the amount of snacks parents need to pack when leaving the house to kids who bravely request snacks for breakfast, here are 17 spot-on tweets about kids’ obsession with snacks. 

1. What is it about the car? 

2. It’s never enough.

3. Now that you’re soaking wet …

4. Will this work?

5. It’s the knockout punch, folks.

6. When you’re in the middle of a eulogy…

7. The only way to truly entertain kids. 

8. When snacks lead to more snacks. 

9. Nice try, honey. 

10. Do you not see the food right in front of you?

11. Reverses time, skips meal planning, saves years of life …

12. A child’s final words to their parent.

13. When you figure out what they really mean. 

14. And ever and ever and ever. 

15. Get out of the pantry, kids. 

16. It’s an apple … with nacho cheese sprinkles al a mode.

17. Oh, no you don’t, little one.