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Maine’s Universal Home Care Proposition Could Mean Big Changes For Seniors And Their Caregivers

An initiative on the ballot in Maine this November could bring free home care for seniors and higher wages for their caregivers, setting the stage for a solution to the “silver tsunami” senior care crisis that’s hitting the nation. The Universal Home Care proposal, also known as Question 1, seeks... more

The Best Birthday Party Places For Kids Of All Ages

It’s your child’s birthday, and of course you want it to be special. For some parents, an in-home party is the way to go, but many of us are looking for birthday party options that will spare us the cleanup time and the pressure of entertaining a large group alone... more

50 Of The Funniest Jokes For Kids

Most kids are little clowns by nature, but learning how to tell a good joke is a skill that they will need help mastering. Laughing together is a wholesome way to connect with your kids and cultivating their own sense of humor can help your children in many ways —... more

27 Meaningful Moral Stories For Children

The only thing better than curling up with a good book is curling up with your little one and a good book. Introducing reading to children at a very early age has numerous educational benefits, such as rapidly increasing their vocabulary and their understanding of sentence structure. But the benefits... more

17 Fun Outside Games Kids Will Love Playing

Sometimes all kids need is a fun outdoor game to release built-up energy and have a blast. Plus, the health benefits can't be beat. Players get to run around and yell, and nannies and parents love outdoor games because they stave off boredom and help create tired kids for... more

13 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Magic tricks for kids can be a ton of fun and are a great way for parents and nannies to keep the family entertained. After all, who doesn't love a bit of magic and delight? "When I perform for kids, I try to help them feel like adults, and... more

The Best Bottles For Breastfeeding Babies

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both baby and mom. But there may be times when you may want to incorporate bottle feeding into your baby’s life, whether it’s because you’re going back to work, want your partner to be able to feed the baby or even if you just need... more

18 Single Mom Survival Tips From Other Single Moms

No one ever said parenthood was easy, and that’s never more true than if you’re doing the job on your own as a single mom. Stressful, challenging and sometimes terribly lonely are just a few ways single moms describe their everyday lives. Yet the second-most common living arrangement for children... more