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15 relatable getting older memes that poke fun at the realities of aging

15 relatable getting older memes that poke fun at the realities of aging

Like it or not, getting older is a part of life. While aging gracefully is definitely the goal, it’s not always the reality. If you’ve ever gotten out of bed and heard your joints create their own symphony or walked into a room and been unable to recall why you entered, you know that maturing isn’t for the faint of heart.  

Maintaining a lifelong sense of humor is one way to stay young — in spirit at least. Even if it causes you to pull a muscle, laughing at the universal aches and pains that accompany aging can ease a bit of the discomfort.

Here are 15 funny memes that highlight some of the low points that accompany getting old. 

1. When you still feel like a “miss,” but you’re mistaken for a “ma’am”…

Image via Liz Alterman

2. Snap, crackle and pop isn’t just for cereal any more.

Image via unknown

3. Sometimes what you hear is more interesting than what was actually said… 

Image via unknown

4. Looking on the bright side always helps. 


Image via unknown

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…I don’t recognize that face at all!


Image via unknown

6. You’ve still got it!


Image via unknown

7. Never mind those white whiskers. 


Image via unknown

8. As you get older, you perfect the ability to do two things at once!


Image via unknown

9. You’ll also learn to pick your battles.


Image via kellyjoneil/Instagram

10. The body’s natural self-defense mechanism is hard at work.


Image via unknown

11. Who knew your hearing and vision were intrinsically linked?


Image via unknown

12. Safeguarding those secret recipes for future generations!


Image via unknown

13. Seems like only yesterday you were adding that hit song to a mixed tape. 


Image via unknown

14. Insomnia…the struggle is real.


Image via unknown

15. You tell it like it is.


Image via unknown

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