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5 Tips for Breaking Your Kids’ Bad Eating Habits

5 Tips for Breaking Your Kids’ Bad Eating Habits

How a family can drop junk food.

Raising three young children is a full-time job. For Kim Delatorre, all the laughter and silliness she needs to get through the day doesn’t always leave time (or energy!) to worry about teaching healthy eating habits. Instead, she often found her children eating whenever and whatever they want.  The Shop With Me Mama  blogger shares her successful insights on how to get your kids to eat nutritious meals – and it starts with you, Mum!

  1. Lead by Example
    Delatorre stands firm that actions speak louder than words when it comes to encouraging healthy eating. Delatorre adds, I just practice what I preach. If I do what I want my kids to do, they will follow. Kids watch you more than you think!” Nannies and babysitters can also encourage and demonstrate the healthy lifestyle you want them to have!
  2. Start a Routine
    Having a set meal time every day creates consistency. When kids know what time to expect to eat next, it will eliminate their urge to snack. After having her most recent baby, Delatorre admits she rarely had time for family dinner and, “schedules became non-existent.” She adds, “it seemed like everything fell apart from there.”
  3. Serve Home Cooked Meals
    When you are preparing the meal yourself, you are more aware of what goes into it and less likely to add as much fat, salt and, sugar that take-out might have. Delatorre insists that home cooking is the healthiest option. “It seems when I cook more meals, my family eats healthier, and in return, I have a happy family that feels more connected”.
  4. Introduce Veggies Early
    According to Delatorre, age isn’t a factor when it comes to attacking bad habits. The trick is to confront the issue as soon as possible. Delatorre insists, “I try to correct them right away, no matter what age. You are never too young to learn!” There are also some easy tricks to get kids to eat vegetables without making a fuss!
  5. Don’t Give Up
    Even when you want to give in to the temptation of fast food and sweets, stay strong. Persistence is the key to correcting any bad habit and healthy eating is no exception. Delatorre encourages, “Keep trying! I promise it does get better!”

Kim Delatorre, tell us a little about yourself, your family and your blog.

I am a stay at home mommy to three beautiful kids, Zaden who just turned 7 in January, Presley who turned 5 in November and my newest one, Kellan who was born this last December.  I have a VERY devious personality and LOVE to laugh. I often find myself in trouble over being so teasing and silly, but that is how I am. Some people may not understand my sense of humor, and some may be offended, and some may totally “get” me and laugh with me. It is OK, I don’t mind which one you are!

What was your worst habit as a kid?

I liked to suck on my hair, so my mom cut my hair really short. After it grew out again, I NEVER sucked on my hair again 😉

Kim Delatorre is the blogger of Shop With Me Mama. She is the proud stay at home mother of three little ones. She is also the loving wife to her Junior High sweetheart Dax. Together they live in a small town in Washington. You can also find Kim on Twitter and Facebook.

Text source: Marjorie Bogart

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