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Best Toys For 8 Month Old

Choosing the right toy for a baby that is 8 months old is a bigger deal than it seems. Especially when you are a first time mom. You want to get everything just right for the newest member of your family. 

Choosing the best toys for an 8 month old baby is more pressure than you would think. There are so many great options of toys for 8 month olds that help them develop fine motor skills and encourage healthy brain development and growth. 

Some of my favorites include the Baby Einstein Discovering Table. I love that it includes buttons and keys that when pressed activates music and sounds. The light up piano, drums and guitar feature exposes children to a wide variety of sounds. 

The brightly colored keys invite the babies to reach out for them and when they are pushed they listen to classical music and instrument sounds. I love that the table exposes children to the sound of instruments and classical music. The fact that it plays classical music makes me feel like this is a better choice of a toy for an 8 month old because of the benefits of classical music on babies. 

Finally the legs of the Einstein Discovery Table come off so if the child isn’t quite able to pull themselves up yet then it can sit lower to the floor for them to play with. I think these features make this toy a great option as one of the best toys for 8 month old baby.