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What’s The Best Pet For Your Kids? Here’s How To Decide

It’s an exciting time — your family is about to get bigger! Soon there will be somebody barking, meowing or even hopping around your house, keeping the kids company and making lots of memories. But before you get sucked into a flurry of new pet selfies, we’re here to ask... more

21 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

There is no cuter copilot than a canine — and for most people, no more amenable friend. After all, is there any person on the planet who thinks a road trip to the city dump is an adventure, or that breaking down cardboard boxes is the best thing ever? Doing... more

My Dog’s Stomach Is Gurgling! Causes, Concerns And When To See A Vet

At its most severe, it can sound like a freight train moving through your living room. When it’s mild, it chugs more like a small model train. We’re referring to that gurgling noise coming from your dog’s tummy, and, just FYI, it actually has a name. It’s called borborygmi, and... more

The Dog Gestation Period: Symptoms, Pregnancy Care And Puppy Prep

Are congratulations in order? If your dog is about to become a mom, the dog gestation period can be equally exciting and nerve-racking. Like any first-timer, you’ll have questions that need answers — such as, how long are dogs pregnant, how do you care for a pregnant dog and what... more

10 Medium-Sized Dog Breeds That Are Great For Families

Nothing too big, nothing too small — so, you’ve decided that a medium-sized pooch may be the perfect fit for your family. How big are we talking? Medium-sized usually falls somewhere between 30 to 60 pounds. There are many breeds — not to mention mixed breeds — that could bring... more

18 Helpful Tips For Caring For A Blind Dog

On the list of things that are important to dogs, you might find family, treats and toys — in no particular order. Their vision, or rather the loss of it, will likely be in the “no big deal” category. “It’s more traumatic to us as an owner and as a... more

Strokes In Dogs: Everything You Need To Know About Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

It’s rare when the words “stroke” and “scary” don’t appear in the same sentence. That’s why it’s important for dog owners to know the symptoms of a dog stroke and how to move forward with treatment. A sudden loss of balance and a head tilt are just some of the... more

Prozac For Dogs: The Pros, Cons, Side Effects And More

You love your dogs with all your heart; it’s their “issues” that are the real heartbreaker. Separation anxiety, obsessive behaviors, thunderstorm phobia — all these things can take a toll on your dog and your household, and if your veterinarian has suggested Prozac as a remedy, you have a decision... more