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7 Proven Ways To Get Your Kid Down For A Nap — Without A Fuss

You’re wrestling with your kid, trying to get him to take a nap, but he’s throwing tantrums, making excuses and refusing to settle down. Sound familiar? If you’ve made it to this article, you’re probably looking for some solidarity, sanity and maybe just a little peace and quiet. Just know... more

Caregiver Confessions: Your 20 Most Embarrassing Moments On The Job

We've all been there: A mistake made on the job that has you blushing for days. This week we asked caregivers to share with us their most embarrassing moments at work — and they delivered! Turns out, there have been a lot of diaper blowouts, awkward conversations with kids and unfortunate encounters... more

The Summer Childcare Challenge: Making It Work On A Budget

Summertime means fun and games — but that usually comes at a price. Between all the camps and lessons and babysitters needed to fill those summer days, costs can quickly add up. Indeed, the average cost of a weeklong day camp is $314, according to the American Camp Association (ACA... more

Special Needs: Defining And Understanding The 4 Types

Special needs can mean many things — from thriving with a condition that challenges a single aspect of daily life to coping with something that forces you to learn a new normal. The term “special needs” is used to describe a person with a physical or emotional difficulty or difference... more

The 101 Best Dog Quotes

Being a dog owner often means so much more than just being responsible for a pet. Dogs are our best friends and our guides. For so many of us, they’re our first children or the only ones we’ll ever have. They spend so much time studying our habits and loving... more

The 15 Best Personal Assistant Apps

Simplify your business and personal life by loading up your mobile device with a digital personal assistant. Personal assistants can change your life, but they can be pricey. If you’re working for yourself or for a small company, or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed in your everyday life, hiring a... more

Fun Math Games To Get Kids Excited About Numbers

Get creative and find new ways to help your kids keep the fun in learning. Today’s world is full of technology for your little ones to master any subject their heart desires, but nothing beats a face-to-face learning environment. Find ways to make learning fun for your kids offline, free... more