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How Small Businesses Can Plan For Bad Weather

8 tips to help you plan ahead for the unpredictable Mother Nature. When you have a small business, closing it in the event of bad weather can have a big impact on your business. And when you run a care-related business, your customers may still need care -- come rain, snow... more

How To Quit Your Job

Resigning from a caregiving job requires special consideration. Here's everything you should do.     Quitting a job is never easy. But sometimes what seems to be the perfect job is not always the best fit or your needs and schedule no longer mesh with that of your employer... more

101 Things To Do With An Extra Hour

You love your kids, you really do. But they're always there! Sometimes you just need a few moments to yourself. What would you do if you had an entire hour of child-free time? (Can you even imagine such a thing?) That dream can easily be a reality. All you... more

10 Things To Clean Before The Holidays

Concentrate your effort on a few key areas for maximum impact when your guests arrive.The holidays are upon us, and that means parties, overnight guests and loads of entertaining. Is your home ready for company? Before you get too overwhelmed with your “to-do” list, concentrate on these areas: Guest... more

6 Tips For Buying Toys For Special Needs Children

If you're heading out to a toy store to shop for a gift for a child with special needs, there are some additional considerations to make. So what do you need to know and where do you start? What toys and games are best? What are the best gift choices for kids of all... more

10 Interview Tips For Caregiving Small- Business Owners

You're looking to find the right employee for your small business -- whether it's a budding dog sitting company, a day care program or a housecleaning business. But finding that perfect fit isn’t always easy. To ensure you're hiring the person best suited for the job, take a few... more

Do You Give Kids Presents?

Here are a few things nannies and babysitters should consider when it comes to giving holiday and birthday gifts to their charges. It's fun to pick out presents for the people you care about -- especially kids. But what about when you're an employee? Should nannies and babysitters give... more

5 Tips To Save Money On Office Supplies

Learn how your small business can save on the materials you need. In today's economy, saving money can make or break a small business. Costs, including overhead and supplies can eat into the profits that an otherwise successful small business can make. Here a few steps that can help... more