Vaccination requirements for school and child care: What parents need to know

If your child attends school or day care, you probably know vaccines are required for attendance. But you might not realize some rules have recently changed in certain areas. For example, this year New York state stopped allowing families to take a religious exemption to vaccines required for school. California... more

My son has become friends with his babysitter, and now I have to tell him she’s leaving

Potty training. Stranger danger. Cyberbullying. To this list of universal sources of parenting dread, I’ll add one more: saying goodbye to your child’s caregiver.  “C” has taken care of my now-5-year-old son for at least a few hours almost every week since he was 3 years old. For the... more

7 tips to becoming a high-demand personal assistant

In a bustling office setting, it’s easy to overlook a manager’s personal assistant, but they’re often the glue that holds a company together. From organizing schedules and communicating with a range of people to anticipating their employer’s needs, personal assistants are responsible for some of the most crucial tasks in... more

21 amazing, clever and not-so-hard family Halloween costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to start figuring out your family's costume situation. And you want to make these costumes EPIC ... like talk-of-the-neighborhood ideas. But how? Don't fret: we're here to help! To get your gears in motion, we've scoured the Internet... more

Why potty training regression happens, and how to get your child back on track

Ask any veteran parent, and they’ll tell you: Potty training is no easy task. Regardless of how you go about it, toilet training rarely plays out without wet floors, dirty undies and a few stubborn standoffs. So once your child ditches the diapers, of course it’s cause for celebration. But... more

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How to become a successful tutor

Helping students learn and grow is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, and being a private tutor is an excellent way to lend your expertise to young kids who need a little help or guidance. Many families are looking to hire teachers to provide tutoring services to... more

What is a night nanny — and do you need one?

There's no way to prepare new parents for the fatigue, lack of sleep and resulting irritability they will experience when they bring their new baby home. If the freshly painted nursery is set up for multiples, exhaustion levels will be compounded. Hiring a night nanny may be the answer. But... more

How to reimburse a nanny for gas and mileage

When you hire a nanny, there are lots of details to work out. For example, driving expenses. Does your nanny drive your kids to school, playdates or activities? Does she run errands for you? If your nanny uses your car while she's caring for your kids, she should be... more

How to update your profile for back-to-school season

Back-to-school season is just around the corner and families' schedules are about to get chaotic. Here at, we see huge increases in the number of jobs posted during summer and before school starts. Families are looking for after-school sitters and full-time caregivers, dog walkers for their pets, housecleaners... more