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101 odd jobs you can hire someone else to do

Dread taking on certain jobs and chores? Check out this list of odd jobs and errands for which you can hire help.

101 odd jobs you can hire someone else to do

Everyone needs an extra set of hands sometimes. Whether it’s planning a party or unpacking boxes after a move, having someone to help you with your odds jobs can make any job a little easier.

Here are 101 tasks you can hire someone else to do. Want help with any of them? Post a job today.

  1. Do weekly grocery shopping runs.
  2. Help cook for a big party.
  3. Pick up dry cleaning, alterations or clothing repairs.
  4. Wash the car.
  5. Rake leaves.
  6. Write thank you notes.
  7. Organize the garage.
  8. Set up for a yard sale.
  9. Clean the pool and empty the skimmers.
  10. Organize photo albums (digital or paper).
  11. Take the trash to the dump.
  12. Assemble furniture (no more IKEA instructions for you!).
  13. Put lights up for the holidays.
  14. Move furniture.
  15. Shovel snow.
  16. Mow the lawn.
  17. Weed the garden.
  18. Clean out the attic/basement.
  19. Paint a room.
  20. Write holiday cards.
  21. Water the plants.
  22. Serve food at a house party.
  23. Return unwanted purchases.
  24. Fold laundry.
  25. Clean the fridge.
  26. Organize contacts and email addresses.
  27. Sync computer to devices.
  28. Organize the pantry.
  29. Wash dishes.
  30. Return library books (and get new ones).
  31. List unwanted furniture on sites like Craigslist or eBay.
  32. Drive kids to soccer practice.
  33. Hand out flyers around town for a new business.
  34. Prep and cook meals to freeze.
  35. Wash the windows.
  36. Set up for a birthday party.
  37. Scan and digitize your child’s artwork.
  38. Water the lawn and garden.
  39. Help at a child’s birthday or pool party.
  40. Bake for a bake sale.
  41. Clean out the gutters.
  42. Housesit while you’re on vacation.
  43. Clean up after a party.
  44. Prepare a guest room before family visits.
  45. Pick-up and deliver anything you need.
  46. Set up electronics around the house.
  47. File and organize your recipes.
  48. Clean the boat.
  49. Take your elderly mother grocery shopping.
  50. Drive elderly parents to doctor’s appointments.
  51. Organize the shed.
  52. Create and stuff goodie bags.
  53. Stock up on essentials at a big box store.
  54. Paint nails and do hair at a party for little girls.
  55. Set up for an event (chairs, food table, drinks).
  56. Schedule appointments.
  57. Use a “Pooper Scooper” in the backyard.
  58. Teach basic computer skills.
  59. Organize a library of books.
  60. Enter data into an Excel doc.
  61. Address and mail cards.
  62. Practice dances before an event.
  63. Assist with estate sorting after a death.
  64. Provide personal shopping.
  65. Help with interior decorating.
  66. Lead a craft project at a birthday party.
  67. Edit a resume.
  68. Organize CDs or records.
  69. Make reservations.
  70. Rehearse a job interview.
  71. Set up outdoor furniture after the winter.
  72. Hold a sign for an event.
  73. Direct traffic in a parking lot during an event.
  74. Tend the campfire at an outdoor party.
  75. Grill at a barbecue.
  76. Edit college essays.
  77. Prepare for a wedding speech or a presentation.
  78. Play music at an event.
  79. Organize a closet.
  80. Set up a website or blog.
  81. Guide a tour around a new town.
  82. Plan a vacation.
  83. Organize and file papers.
  84. Wrap presents around the holidays.
  85. Chop firewood.
  86. Clean and organize gardening and yard tools.
  87. Bartend at a party.
  88. Spread mulch on flower beds.
  89. Open and close the pool.
  90. Set up yard toys (trampoline, swing set, etc.).
  91. Polish and buff a shoe collection.
  92. Participate in a focus group or experiment.
  93. Organize office documents.
  94. Pick up from the airport or train station.
  95. Collect mail, newspapers and packages while you’re on vacation.
  96. Buy tickets for an event.
  97. Pack and unpack after a move.
  98. Organize and assist a busy professional.
  99. Deliver car for maintenance and inspections.
  100. Assist with daily routine after an injury.
  101. Respond to letters and emails. 

If you’re a caregiver looking for a job, mention in your profile that you can help people with these types of odd jobs and tasks. It may give them inspiration to hire you!