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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.


State license status: CONTINUOUS LICENSE ( verified on 10/30/2020)
This business has satisfied Ohio's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Ohio's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


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Ratings & Reviews

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I have 2 of my boys studying at Childtime and my youngest has been there since he was a toddler... I would disagree with the comments below about discrimination as my kids have never faced that from the teachers... Infact their teachers have been very supportive and have helped them grow in every way possible and have cared for them that i have never had to think about them twice... I dont even recall them crying may be except the first day to go to their daycare... I really appreciate all the staff in being very responsive and providing excellent care to our kids.
Kelly G
I have 2 children at ChildTime. My oldest has been there for over 3 years since she was 12 weeks old. I completely disagree with a lot of the statements here. One of the reasons I'm not giving 5 stars is the high rate of teacher turnover - however we have been informed via email well in advance of every single personnel change that has occurred. Another reason is the seemingly constant tuition rates rising. I know Blue Ash is the most expensive and competitive in the area, but it is really starting to put a strain on our budget. Also, I have corporate discount but this center will not honor it until the child is at least 18 months old. Every other center I've toured will honor it from infancy. That said, my daughters have really thrived here and adore their teachers (which breaks my heart when they leave so often)! The director is always available to chat about anything and everything - no matter how long past closing time. I truly appreciate the attention, care and flexibility they have extended to our family over the years. The only reason we haven't left yet to find a less expensive center is because it feels like family there for us. I never worry that my kids are well taken care of and they have my kids' best interest at heart. One more note about the comments of lack of diversity- my kids who are white, are in the minority in both of their respective classrooms. I can't speak to the racism others on here have experienced, but I hope to God that is not true and if it is that those teachers get fired immediately.
Shawna B
This was the worst daycare my children ever attended. The psychological pain and emotional stress the pre k teacher inflicted on my son breaks my heart everytime I think about it. The main issue is that the center is not diverse. My son started having emotional break dows with the verbal and mental abusive he was reciving from an racist teacher there. Everyday she would send him home with multiple red slips home stating that he didn't do anything right that day. He would cry at home everyday abou it and stated that his teacher would yell at him over things that other kids would also do, call him bad infront of the other children and chastise him. Other teachers would tell me things, and when I would confront the Director about it she would pretend to be clueless. It got to the point where he would through away all of the red constuction paper inside of his art desk away, because he related it to something negative about himself. She would make of stories about our son, stating things that he would never do to justify her behavior. Dad and I would asked the teacher what were some positive reinforcements and she never applied any. We compliant to the Director and had to have a meeting with the district director to rectify everything. They sent out a news letter to parents and removed that card system. Then a couple weeks after, while picking children up early to take them to practice; I walked in on the teacher with my son on the floor with her grabing him by the wrist and he was balling his eyes out screaming mommy. She had him their for 15mins while all the other kids were playing outside. I had to call the police and get a report and there was an serious investigation and cuaght it on video. My son told the officers that she was tearing his arm off. Because of that situation, they tried to falsely call in anonymously to report me for fraud with the state, since I recieved discounted daycare. Smh, it was so crazy that they took it that far. Luckily, everything was cleared since it's based off your income and you can't lie about that when you have to produce a check stub. Being a single parent going through a situation like that is horrible enough, a center thay genuinely care about the well being of a child would never do that. After, my son his been in a different center whom the teacher siad they could tell that he was previously mistreated. It took him awhile to trust being left with a teacher again. But everything has been great since we terminated them as a provider. He's in kindergarten now, on a soccer team and goes to an center and not once have we had any issues with teachers, other instructor or coach; whom have ever siad my child did any of the things that teacher would say. How is that possible, when only less than 5mo ago. Please be cautions of your little one's with this center they are Racially basis. And by far the worst experience with a center.Beware!
Julianne H
I disagree with the negative comments in other reviews about this center. We have had an overall positive experience in the 13+ months that my children have attended this center.

This is our second daycare center because we moved here from out of state last year. They had openings for both kids with only a couple months notice - which is all we were able to give due to my husband having job interviews all over town and not knowing where we were going to live. Having said that, their current wait list for new families is pretty long. Because we already have two kids here, though, they are able to accommodate the baby we are currently expecting.

The problems that I encounter here are in no way unique to this center. Teacher turnover us not uncommon, but is similar to what we experienced at our previous center. Communication can be an issue on occasion, but again, not terribly different from the previous center my kids attended. I do receive emails regarding changes in staff and emails with reminders about upcoming events, so I never feel completely in the dark.

My kids really like their teachers and I've never felt that I am being ignored when I walk in or that the teachers are not paying attention to my kids. The updates to the Brightwheel app can be spotty some days, but I would rather the teachers take care of/ play with/ teach my children, rather than worry about posting enough pictures or entering their breakfast the moment they eat (I'm busy at work, too and can't check the app constantly anyway). When updates are behind, the teachers seem to catch up during nap time, which I feel is completely understandable.

I think the value of this center for the price is quite good. The meals are definitely more nutritious than at our last center and they provide the diapers and wipes for the younger kids.

I would recommend this center to others.
Mary S
At first, this center seems great, fun and safe due to the camera's and three star quality rated. But after a while you actually get the displeasure of it all. The highlights about this center is that they are good with security. The teachers ask questions if they don't recognize a face. There were a few incidents, but for the most part; they see who walks in and most of the time someone is at the desk. The food program is good, the kids eat their veggies, and the monthly menu is appropriate. It always smells nice from the kitchen and lobby is always neat. This center seems to always have a life threating sickness. In the last 6months there has been 2 cases of scarlett fever, the flu virus, 3 cases of step throat, anmonia, pin worms, ringworm. In multiple rooms, because of kids constantly being moved in different rooms throughout the day; due to lack of staff and constantly being over ratio. Parents aren't informed until a least five to six kids could be out in one room. Which is an complete inconvenience as a parent. The teachers talk to each other majority of the time, without acknowledging the kids or parents that walk inside of the building that pay them to be there. The lack of communication between teacher and parent is ridiculous. The center doesn't send home a daily sheet and barely update the daily activity app. Teachers are always siting down when ever my husband or I have walked into a room. The center always looks neat, with barely any toys out in the classrooms. There is always an lack of staff. Changes are made in staff and classrooms without sending a letter nor email to parents. As soon as they hire a teacher they quit and it's stressful for the children, and you can tell it's affecting their educational time. There is an extreme lack of diversity at the center, teacher and students. There have been parents that have compliant on racism in the center and teachers treating children in inappropriate ways from a teacher Ms.Linda; That most of the multiple race children no longer attend. The center needs more stucture and constancy before they get sued or go out of business. How this center has three star's is extremely questionable. This center is one star quality rated at best.
Sherry R
I did an online contact request. Someone promptly called me, and took my children's ages and info. They told me they had openings and set a tour time. When we got there--guess what? No openings for months!!! What a hassle!
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