Respite Care: How to Get "Respite Minutes"


Here are some helpful ways to feel optimism and peace throughout your care journey.

  • Start your day by saying thank you. Keep a gratitude journal and jot down three things each day. Notice the small things-a cardinal playing in your bird bath or the opening of the first crocus in spring.
  • Keep that door shut! If your care buddy made it a few hours alone while you slept, you can extend it by another 20 minutes.
  • Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Don't let boxes, papers, and other clutter bugs migrate back to your room. Paint one wall a color you love and begin to nurture yourself.
  • Dress before you leave your room. Shoes and all. Being dressed means you take what you do seriously and you're ready to meet the day.
  • Create a morning moment. Consider purchasing a small coffee maker for your bedroom or bathroom. Have that first cup o' joe or hot tea undisturbed.
  • Get off the emotional rollercoaster. Have your arsenal of distractions (headphones, a friend on speed-dial, humorous comebacks, and mini-breaks ready.)
  • Plan your first 3-minute break. If your morning is spent in caregiving chores, then set the timer for a short walk or playing ball with the dog.
  • Reach out. Call a friend, email a friend, go onto a caregiver's forum or branch out: dogbreed boards, knitting or photography sites. Not everything has to be about caregiving!
  • Close your eyes mid-day. You need to call Medicare. You need to load the dishwasher. You need to phone in that prescription. You need to...put your feet up. A ten minute nap will make you sharper, stronger, and add years to your life.
  • Reward yourself. After a particularly exhausting task plan a hot tea and cookie break. Don't wait on someone else to pat you on the back.

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