W-4 forms for nannies and senior caregivers

Use federal and state W4 forms to withhold income taxes


Whether you're a caregiver or a family hiring a caregiver, if the total wages paid out will be $2,300 or more during the calendar year, certain taxes must come into play. Specifically, the caregiver needs to account for federal (and possibly) state income taxes owed to the IRS and state tax agencies.


Important Note: Before the first day of work, families and their caregivers need to make sure a Form I-9 has been completed to verify work eligibility.


Federal W-4 form

At the time of hire, caregivers should fill out Form W-4 so the family can accurately calculate how much federal income tax to withhold from them each pay period. To make this process easy, you can click here to download the document.


State W-4 forms

Most states also have income taxes and recommend caregivers fill out a specific withholding allowance certificate or exemption certificate to account for state income taxes. Some states simply allow the caregiver to use the same elections on the Federal W-4 while a few don't have any state income taxes at all.


To figure out how much caregivers should be paying in taxes each week, check out our nanny tax calculator.


Click on your state to download the right state W-4 form


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