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Effortless tax filings
  • Prep, file and send state and federal tax returns and payments
  • Prep and file year-end tax documents including W-2 forms
  • Handle all changes in tax rules to avoid penalties
  • Find tax breaks to help your bottom line
Easy payroll
  • Handle the paperwork to set you up with state and federal tax IDs
  • Calculate gross and net pay; no extra charge for weekly payroll
  • Run payroll automatically so you can set it and forget it
  • Direct deposit available
Expert hand-holding
  • Unparalleled professional help by phone, email and online portal
  • Support in understanding federal, state & local domestic worker requirements
  • Access to background checks, contracts and workers' comp, plus benefits for household workers
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Our pricing
$ 230 per quarter*
+ $100 one-time setup fee
+ $100 year-end fee
* In CA, MA, and NY, we may charge an additional $15/quarter due to additional tax filing requirements.
We're confident you'll love our service. That's why we guarantee it.**

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