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These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs

Meet the women behind the 10 best parenting blogs in Northeast Ohio.

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs
Image via Madison Naulty

Just a few years ago, I was a childless gypsy with my manicured fingertips on the pulse of pop culture. Suddenly thrust into parenting, my husband and I built our “nest” near my childhood home in Cleveland, surrounded by family and friends.

As day-to-day life resumed and the novelty of our new arrival wore off for everyone except us, feeling a bit of isolation in my new role as a stay-at-home-mom was inevitable. In just a few keystrokes, I was able to find common ground with other women in my area by joining Facebook forums aligned with my interests, as well as by following fellow writers with families. My favorite contributors in Cleveland offer candid glimpses into their lives, and a few often forge offline friendships with readers through organized events.

Whether you want to improve your home, whip up something creative in the kitchen, tap into exciting things to do with your crew, or seek ways to unplug from the stressors of motherhood, the vibrant community of mom bloggers in Cleveland has got you covered with plenty of insight and expertise. And the best part about these blogs is that they aren't just for moms -- they make great resources for child care professionals, too! So, no matter whether you're looking for advice as a babysitter, a nanny, or even a mother's helper, these mom blogs can help you out.

Without further ado, here's our list of the 10 best mom bloggers in Northeast Ohio.

At Home With Julie, by Julie Mittleman

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: At Home With Julie
Image via Facebook/At Home With Julie

Julie Mittleman is a hilarious housekeeper and baby-wearing mom of three girls ages 4 and under, whose Coffee Confessions are signed with an uplifting song of the day. Her knee-slapping account of an outing to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with four kids in tow left me in teary-eyed hysterics. Any local mom who has tried to take a toddler off the park’s carousel or train can relate to the Titanic-sized tantrums she describes. With equal parts sarcasm and sentimentality, sprinkled with plenty of profanity, her raw take on motherhood is refreshing and real.

Cheftovers, by Jen Picciano

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Cheftovers
Image via Facebook/Cheftovers

Emmy-winning reporter Jen Picciano, of WOIO-TV Channel 19 News, received her prestigious award for creating the popular “Cleveland Cooks” television segment, which showcases chefs in their restaurant kitchens preparing signature dishes for salivating home viewers. Her blog -- originally built as a home for all the behind-the-scenes footage that didn’t make the broadcast -- has grown into a haven for foodie families. An avid entertainer, this author makes it a point to pour on the panache for every occasion, even when preparing pancakes for her two young daughters.

Collect. Make. Explore., by Jessica Wascak

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Collect. Make. Explore
Image via Facebook/Collect. Make. Explore.

Former art professor Jessica Wascak made the choice to forego her full-time career before she had her second baby. Her blog about “childhood unplugged” eventually extended into a book of the same name, offering parents a visual field guide that shares how she connects her kids to the natural world using outdoor explorations, nature, art, and a natural lifestyle that’s ever-evolving. Even in the most frigid Cleveland winter weather, her Walden-like photos will make you crave the outdoors.

Mom + Camera, by Jacqui Roberts

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Mom + Camera
Image via Facebook/Mom + Camera

A self-declared urban missionary and mom of five, Jacqui Roberts’ message is about “meeting God in the mundane and finding joy in the mess.” Her empowering posts are gentle reminders to be present in the moment and that each of us has the ability to be a beacon of hope for others, regardless of how flawed we may feel. Whatever your faith may be, you can’t help but feel empowered by her charming Instagram feed that’s filled with candid shots of her kids at play, colorful floral bouquets, uplifting quotes, and plenty of caffeine.

Poise in Parma, by Alicia Hansen

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Poise in Parma
Image via Facebook/Poise in Parma

Yoga teacher Alicia Hansen’s blog was born in 2009 to share her experiences as she maintained a 100-pound weight loss. Since then, her site has evolved into a library of healthy eats and adventures in Northeast Ohio. It documents her pregnancy and her daughter’s arrival in the fall of 2016. Under the heading “At the Theatre,” you’ll discover intimate interviews with KeyBank Broadway Series cast, crew, and creative team members that she has penned as the community engagement and education blogger for Playhouse Square.

Ready Set Parenthood, by Kristen Kelly

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Ready Set Parenthood
Image via Facebook/Ready Set Parenthood

Kristen Kelly is an educator and 30-something “rookie parent” who began her blog a month before the birth of her son in the spring of 2013. A featured blogger for Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine, she muses about family life and shares occasional updates about her husband Dave’s low-grade astrocytoma, a brain tumor he was diagnosed with in 2012. Product reviews are often packaged with giveaway opportunities, and there’s a treasure trove of tutorials available to amuse your kiddos with little investment.

SheInTheCLE, by Amy Martin

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: SheInTheCLE
image via Facebook/SheInTheCLE

When mom and marketing executive Amy Martin created her local blogger collective, it was done with the intent to foster a virtual village for storytelling, networking, and continual learning. True to form, this blog is filled with guidance from a diverse group of contributors on everything from bouncing back after the birth of a baby to juggling a career and children. The #ThisIsCLE area of the site features locally focused content, blending reflections on current events with business and social opportunities.

The Thinking Branch, by Brea Schmidt

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: The Thinking Branch
Image via Facebook/The Thinking Branch

When photographer Brea Schmidt was growing up, she found solace in the branches of a tree near her childhood home. These days, this mom of three aids other parents in finding “perspective at the root of daily life” on her blog, which aims to help readers experience serenity and happiness through introspection and moving at a slower pace. Schmidt’s oft-poignant posts are categorized into two themes -- Perspective and Authentic Momming -- that reframe the monotony of motherhood as fleeting moments in a way that might make you relish your routine.

The Thome Home, by Abby Thome

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: The Thome Home
Image via Facebook/The Thome Home

Already on her second “fixer-upper,” DIY-addict Abby Thome launched her blog in 2011 to chronicle the home renovation projects she tackles with her high school sweetheart, all while wrangling three “wild” boys. Budget-conscious moms in Cleveland will appreciate her frugal decor tips, such as how to give a wilted boxwood wreath a second life with white spray paint, and kid-friendly recipes like Buckeye Ball confections -- an OSU fan favorite sure to be a hit at your next potluck lunch.

Why CLE?, by Jen Rome

These Are Cleveland's 10 Best Mom Blogs: Why CLE?
Image via Facebook/Why CLE?

Mom-about-town Jen Rome has amassed a fan following in Cleveland for her “blog about why we’re here,” with frequent and timely posts on the best places to eat, drink, and play in the city. Her site is a great resource for scoping out your next date night locale and trying your luck on local giveaways for things like tickets to charity galas and swim classes for the kiddos.

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