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18 wickedly funny Halloween memes parents are sure to relate to

Don't miss these hilarious Halloween memes, sure to get you in the haunted holiday spirit.

Break out the plastic skulls and spooky movies because it’s finally time for Halloween. It’s the magical season when pumpkin spice becomes its own food group, it’s acceptable to communicate entirely in witch memes and your children run to you every 12 minutes with a different idea about what Halloween costume they want to choose.

Depending on where you live,  you may need to take a few precautions to protect yourself from COVID-19, but there will still be plenty of opportunities to hoard chocolate, order way too many Halloween decorations and soothe kids’ tantrums when the pumpkin carving goes awry. Here are 18 funny Halloween memes to get you in the haunted holiday spirit.

1. What happens after bedtime is no one else’s business.

Image via alyceoneword/Instagram

2. Add a little (pumpkin) spice to your life.

Funny Halloween memes
Image via feistyfoxbathco/Instagram

3. It’s never too early to prepare kids for the real world.

Funny Halloween memes
Image via babynotebook/Instagram

4. Wait, whose idea was this again?

Funny Halloween memes
Image via

5. All we need now is a few caramel apples.

Funny Halloween memes
Image via minkahunter/Twitter

6. What do you mean candy corn isn’t an acceptable form of payment?

Image via the_pumpkin_queen/Instagram

7. Forget everything we said before … but only long enough to get dad a Snickers.

Image via walking_outsidde/Instagram

8. It turns out getting groceries delivered is just trick-or-treating for adults.

Image via rachpavlik/Instagram

9. It’s a Halloween costume and a dad joke all in one.

Funny Halloween memes
Image via spookywifespookylife/Instagram

10. No wonder we all look like zombies.

Image via saltymermaident/Instagram

11. Sometimes reality is scarier than nightmares.

Image via rachpavlik/Instagram

12. At least you don’t have to hide your true identity.

Image via mommycusses/Instagram

13. It’s DIY, and we’re recycling. Put that on your Pinterest board.

Image via sarcasticmommy4/Instagram

14. Unlikable Halloween candy? Never heard of it.

Image via mollyaengland/Instagram

15. Children: Terrifying their parents for free since the beginning of time.

Image via simoncholland/Instagram

16. No, that’s not a witch. That’s just mom when you forget your manners.

Image via highheelsandcartwheels/Facebook

17. There’s nothing to see here.

Image via themommyconfessions/Instagram

18. Happy Halloween. Now keep moving.

Image via momtruthbomb/Instagram