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12 Babysitting Kit Essentials To Pack For Every Gig

Imagine yourself as an ultra-prepared Mary Poppins-type sitter. You arrive at every babysitting job with a magical bag filled with everything you need to keep things running smoothly. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky-dream; you can make this level of preparedness a reality. Your bag might not exactly be bottomless, but if... more

How Much Can You Make As A Summer Babysitter?

When school’s out for summer, it means lots of child care job opportunities. If you’re a high school or college student — or you have a flexible schedule — this can be a great chance to pad your pocket. “I would save [money from babysitting] all summer and have enough... more

6 Qualities To Help Any Day Care Teacher Shine

I remember clearly the first time I dropped off my first child at day care. I was so scared to leave him and worried he wouldn’t get the TLC he got at home. As a new mom, a million “what-if”s ran through my mind. What if they don’t like him... more