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Elena Donovan Mauer

Cornwall On Hudson, NY

I'm a freelance writer and editor, and a mom of two. In addition to, I've written for Parents, Parenting, The Bump and CafeMom.

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Here’s When Babysitters Need To Get A Contract And What To Include

When you start working as a babysitter for a family, there’s a lot to discuss in advance: everything from payment to house rules to emergency procedures. While a written agreement isn’t always necessary, if you sit for a family on a regular basis, drafting a contract can help you and... more

The Best Way To Prep Kids For Daylight Saving Time

Two times a year, clocks spring forward or fall back, and the time change threatens to wreak havoc on families’ sleep schedules and sanity. In fact, researchers say a one-hour shift in sleep disrupts sleep cycles for about a week, sometimes longer. This may mean early morning wakeups, bedtime resistance... more

The 6 Most Common Ways Kids Get Injured — And How To Prevent Them

Getting hurt is part of being a kid — and we all want to stick to minor bumps and bruises worthy of a Band-Aid and not a hospital stay. Injury is the number one cause of death in kids and teens in the U.S., according to the Centers for... more

12 Things You Should Never Do While Babysitting

True story: My mom friend Lori had a babysitter who shoplifted while watching her child and got caught by the police. Total nightmare for a parent. While shoplifting on the job is an obvious no-no for a babysitter, there are a lot of behaviors you might not realize aren’t OK... more

The Best Babysitting Courses, Classes And Certifications To Get You Hired

Perhaps you don’t have a ton of babysitting experience but want to land more sitting jobs. Or maybe you want to be able to command a higher pay rate. Or you just want to be a better babysitter and be prepared for the unexpected scenarios that always arise when children... more

How To Land Your First Babysitting Job

Back when I was a preteen, I started babysitting by watching my younger cousins so my aunt and uncle could enjoy a few much-needed date nights. Eventually, I became hopeful for regular work and I took a shot in the dark, making some flyers about my babysitting service and putting... more

7 Smart Tips For Babysitters Juggling School And Work

If you babysit while you’re finishing high school or working toward your college degree, you’re not alone. There are many reasons to squeeze babysitting gigs into your busy schedule, including the ability to earn extra income, build up your resume and references and gain some valuable experience. “Having babysitting jobs... more

11 Things Every First-Time Babysitter Needs To Know

My friend Stephanie, who now lives in Sydney, Australia, once went to a babysitting job not realizing she’d have to accompany the little girl to the bathroom every time she went. “The parents were already out the door,” Stephanie says. “She explained in her sweet little voice that she... more