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5 Diy Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is one of the biggest days of the year for kids. They might say it’s all about the candy, but we know a great costume makes the day. The Care.com team came up with some easy costumes you can make at home — and step-by-step videos to make... more

3 Easy Ways To Organize School Supplies

Papers. Folders. Notebooks. Tests. Books. Study guides. Tablets. Craft supplies. How do you keep all the schoolwork and supplies from taking over your house during the school year?  Here are three simple and inexpensive ways to organize school supplies and create order in your child's study space.  Watch... more

4 Easy Back-To-School Lunchbox Recipe Ideas

You've got the adorable lunchbox. Now, what do you put in it day after day and week after week? Time to get creative, parents! But that doesn't mean it has to be time consuming either. Here are four quick, healthy and yummy lunch recipes that your kids will love. Homemade lunches just got... more

Should Kids Get Homework Over The Summer?

School’s finally out, but is a homework-free summer a brain drain? Two Care.com employees weigh in on the pros and cons of summertime homework. Sarah Says: Homework Helps Did you know that kids lose an average of two months of work during the summer? That’s what I’ve heard, anyway... more

What Is Backup Care, And How Does It Work?

Here's what you need to know about this brand new Premium Member benefit, and how it can work for you. Picture this: You have a career-altering presentation to make at work today, but you’re ready for it. You’ve made a great PowerPoint, you’ve rehearsed it over and over. And... more

The Best -- And Worst -- States For Child Care, Ranked In Order

Which state ranks the best for child care? And where does your state fall on this list? This week, Care.com introduced the Care Index, the first comprehensive data report on the current state of child care in the U.S., which ranks states based on quality, affordability and availability. The... more

7 Things I Learned To Make Hiring A Nanny Way Easier

As a mom of three, Katie recently had to do her own search and hiring all over again. Here are 7 things she learned along the way. I was on maternity leave with my third baby when my nanny told me she was leaving. She was 4 months pregnant but... more

Rules To Discuss When Hiring A New Nanny

An important part of a creating a nanny contract is figuring out the house rules and what rules your nanny should follow when caring for your children. Below is a sample to get you started. Personalize it based on your own needs and child care beliefs. Use these rules in... more