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Katie Bugbee

Waban, MA

Mom of three, sharing her advice and stories on parenting and care-wrangling.

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¿cuánto Cuesta El Servicio De Cuidado Infantil?

Conoce las diferentes opciones con las que cuentas para el cuidado, lo que significan para tu bolsillo y cómo puedes ahorrar dinero. WALTHAM, Mass.—Por cuarto año consecutivo, la encuesta sobre el costo de los servicios de cuidado de obtuvo información detallada de más de 1,000 padres... more

Crafty Hack: Here's How To Turn Your Broken Crayons Into A Crayon Cupcake

Thanks to, here's a cool and crafty way for you to turn that box of broken crayons into a beautiful piece of art! There's nothing more disappointing for a kid who's in the "coloring zone" than to go find nothing more than a bunch of broken crayons... more

7 Parenting Trends For 2016's predictions for the future of child- and pet-rearing.At we like to think about parenting trends. What's happening, what will happen, and how we can help. We look at our internal data, news reports, trending stories and our community of parents. How are things... more

3 Modern Takes On Classic Oatmeal Recipes

Total cooking confession: I love oatmeal products. I have eaten oatmeal every work day – for the past ten (or more) years, my favorite cookies are oatmeal raisin and I find that oats create some perfect type of texture to foods. So when partnered with Quaker to create... more

Dad Catching The Tooth Fairy On Camera Is The Worst Well-Meaning Parenting Fail

I'm not a big fan of deceit, and this Dad just took the "Tooth Fairy" to a whole new level. But that's just my opinion. What do YOU think?Losing the first tooth is a momentous occasion. For kids. For parents. For parents who don’t have any cash... more

Angelina’s Infamous Kiss, Revisited

I don’t know what is going on with Angelina and Brad. Celeb Buzz reports that Brad just had his second MONITORED visit with his kids, which only lasted 90-minutes.I get it. Something big went down. Angelia reported Brad having a physical altercation with one of the kids to the... more

What Is Backup Care, And How Does It Work?

Here's what you need to know about this brand new Premium Member benefit, and how it can work for you. Picture this: You have a career-altering presentation to make at work today, but you’re ready for it. You’ve made a great PowerPoint, you’ve rehearsed it over and over. And... more

A Contradiction In Parenting: Your Body Is Beautiful -- But Don't Show It To Anyone

The other night I came home to learn that yet again, my 8-year old son has burst into his 6-year old sister's room -- dancing naked. Chippendale's style.To which she responds similarly. After all, it was bath night. And they think being naked is the silliest, funnest thing ever.But... more