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Why I Take My Kids To Walk The Picket Line With Teachers

One mom shares her story of teaching activism to her child. Would you do the same?When the Chicago Public School teachers voted to go on strike, taking to the picket line two weeks ago, I marched my children down to walk alongside them. Wheeling my toddler along, my fifth-grade... more

What Kind Of Discipline Is Best For Your Child?

5 types of discipline explained for every exasperated parentYour delightful, cherub-faced child has suddenly collapsed into a tantrum, told a bold-faced lie, made their baby sibling cry or said one of those words. Now what? Here's what you need to know about disciplining your child.You Know Your Child... more

8 Lessons Learned While Being A Single Parent

Parenting is tough for all of us, but especially for single-parent families. Forget the stereotypes. Here's how going it alone can be a gift.Being a single mother is the best part of who I am. You might nod in agreement if you were raised by a solo parent... more

Should Kids Get An Allowance?

A parent's guide to giving allowanceAllowance is the dreaded calculus final of my parenting years. I consider the idea, ignore it, worry about it, and then do nothing but order a pizza. I scraped by my college calc course, but now, decades later, I don't want to fail... more