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June “senior Sense”: I Spent 30 Years Advising Families On Senior Care And I Still Wasn’t Ready To Care For My Mom

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care | Recently published on Yale University Press   “I’m sorry for keeping my phone on,” I said as I introduced myself at a recent conference. I was excited to be speaking to thought leaders, industry experts and policymakers in Washington about supporting employees... more

May “senior Sense”: 5 Unexpected Ways Life Changes When You Become A Caregiver To Your Parent

By Liz O’Donnell I heard about parenting all the time: “Your life completely changes when you become a parent,” my friends would tell me. “You won’t be that into work or parties. You’ll be exhausted and you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve.” Thanks to my girlfriends, I... more

April “senior Sense”: What To Expect When You're Expecting An Inheritance

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care Several months ago my sister made a surprising suggestion: Let’s sit down with Mom and figure out how this whole inheritance thing is going to work. Awkward, right? As a senior care expert, I give out a lot of advice about proactive planning... more

March “senior Sense”: How To Talk To Parents About Needing Care

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care Clara always had a contentious relationship with her fiercely-independent mother, and things didn’t get easier with time. Then, Clara's mother fell and injured herself. Afterwards, she became increasingly frail yet refused to accept help. Talking about the needs of our aging parents can... more

February “senior Sense”: We Are Not Our Parents’ Parents

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care | Recently published on Yale University Press I often refer to my 89-year-old mother as the Energizer Bunny.  She’s always on the go and is good at recharging her reservoir of energy. While her walking is limited, my mom still drives and enjoys... more

January “senior Sense”: Want To Enjoy Old Age? This 90-Year-Old Has One Simple Trick, And Science Backs Her Up

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care | Recently published on   As Bette Davis famously quipped, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” My mother knows this all too well. In a couple of months, she’ll turn 90—making her part of one of the fastest-growing demographics in America. She lives independently in a... more

December “senior Sense”: The Hidden Costs Of Alzheimer's Disease

By Jody Gastfriend, LICSW, VP Senior Care | Recently published on   When Rick could not remember where he kept his trusted toolbox, and then forgot his computer passwords, Sandy—Rick’s wife of 40 years—initially wasn’t alarmed. Sandy misplaced stuff all the time and who can remember all those passwords... more

March “senior Sense”: Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

By Angelina Portuense, Senior Care Provider Specialist   Many of us may find ourselves in the role of caregiver one day. While there are numerous rewards—caring for the person who once cared for you—there are also lots of challenges. Caregiving can take a physical, psychological and financial toll. If you... more