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Monarch Montessori Churchville

Asbury Road, Churchville, MD

Starting at $150flat rate

In the Montessori environment, each child is viewed as an individual with undetermined potential. Work beyond what is traditionally believed appropriate for each age is available to all the children. They are always learning from each other in a class where there are numerous levels of learning in process. This is one benefit of mixed groupings of children.
Children move freely through the classroom choosing their individual work or having a lesson with the teacher or small group of students. Work is organized into different areas: language, math, practical life, sensorial, geography, science, art and music.
The prepared environment of the classroom is organized to take advantage of the absorbent nature of the young child s mind. Dr. Maria Montessori observed the importance of sensitive periods for early learning. These sensitive periods are characterized by a child s fascination with learning a new skill and repeating it over and over again. The Montessori environment allows a child the freedom to select their own work and follow their own interests.
Teachers . . .
A Montessori teacher is someone who has attained a Montessori diploma (training beyond a Bachelor s degree). The Montessori teacher is the Head Teacher and is responsible for the prepared environment of the classroom and individualized program for each student. The assistant teacher works under her direction. We look forward to working with each family!
Primrose of Bel Air's Photo

Primrose of Bel Air

2219 Old Emmorton Rd, Bel Air, MD

Costimate: $275/wk

With purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers, our Balanced Learning approach inspires children to think in more ways: with creativity, compassion and resourcefulness. This time-tested approach instills a love of learning and discovery that helps your child develop and excel for years.

Balanced Learning is research-informed and combines the best thinking of renowned early learning philosophers like Montessori, Piaget, Gesell and Vygotsky along with modern wisdom from the latest child development studies. Research shows that introducing a skill when a child is truly ready leads to mastery instead of frustration.

Then, building on that skill to learn the next one comes naturally. And learning becomes just so much fun! Before you know it, you have a confident child who loves learning. And what could be more rewarding than that?

At Primrose, we nurture curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion and pay close attention to all aspects of your child's development. It's no surprise then that a high percentage of Primrose Pre-K students showed readiness for Kindergarten in all domains per the spring 2019 Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment.

At Primrose Schools , we pay close attention to all facets of a child's growth including social, emotional, physical, creative, cognitive and character development. Our proprietary programs in music, art, gardening, life skills and foreign language were developed especially for our curriculum. And when it comes to helping your child reach their full potential, we leave no stone unskipped, unpainted or unturned.

When children practice compassion, resilience and gratitude, they are more likely to grow up as confident, happy adults. That's why Happy Hearts Character Development and Life Skills are at the heart of Primrose Schools. Our exclusive Happy Hearts Character Development and Life Skills programs are embedded into our daily experiences with lessons that teach the importance of values like respect, friendship and honesty in class, at home and in the community.

We know that a child's interests can lead to exploration, discovery and understanding of the world. That's why our Balanced Learning approach integrates science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) throughout the day to make learning fun.

A child's experiences in the first five years shape health, growth, learning, character and happiness. At Primrose we empower your child when it really counts.

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FAQs for finding preschools in Churchville

In 2021 what types of preschool can I find near me in Churchville, MD?
There are two main types of preschool programs you can send your kids to in Churchville, MD. The first is a full-time preschool program that usually works well for parents working full-time shifts. The second is a part-time preschool program where you can enroll your child for 2-3 days per week and typically choose between a morning or afternoon shift. A part-time preschool can be a great option if you want to ease the transition of this new learning experience for your child. You can also check your options in Churchville, MD for traditional preschool centers, or private home-based preschools.
What should I look for in a good preschool program in Churchville, MD?
When you begin looking for preschools in Churchville, MD ask about the ratio of learning time to supervised play time so you can get a good sense of whether you believe your child's needs will be met. From there, ask about what a typical day consists of, what the safety protocols are and how discipline will be handled. Also, make sure to check directly with the preschool for information about their local licensing and credentials in Churchville, MD.
How can I find a preschool near me in Churchville, MD?
There are currently 25 preschools in Churchville, MD on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare between preschool programs by traditional facility-based preschools and private, in-home preschools. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Churchville, MD who have previously sent their kids to any of the preschools you are interested in.