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Carolina H.E.A.T. Martial Arts Academy

506 Second St., Ayden, NC

Costimate: $158/wk

Carolina H.E.A.T. Martial Arts Academy is owned by Instructor Allison McCoon and offers several alternatives to traditional daycare/childcare facilities. Programs include: Play-Fit (ages 1-4), After-School (ages 4 and up), and Summer Camp.
Carolina H.E.A.T. is located at 506 Second Street in Ayden NC.
The Play-Fit Schedule Includes:
Open Play
Music and Dance
Arts and Crafts
Tiny Taekwondo
Open Play (until pick-up)
Parents are required to bring a daily snack for their child. Play-Fit encourages parents to pack healthy snack alternatives.
Dress child in play clothes. Play-Fit is an Athletic/Arts program, which encourages active play and learning through taekwondo, music and art. Arts and crafts can get messy!
Taekwondo lessons teach children: motor skills, hand and eye coordination, self-control, self-discipline and instills self-confidence.
Active Play can provide many benefits to a child including: building social skills, imagination and a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that children who are active do better academically!
Music and Arts are extremely beneficial to young children. They both help children recognize and express different emotions. Arts and Crafts also encourage imagination, problem solving and observation.
During the After-School Program, children have designated homework time. Homework is checked daily and assistance is provided if needed. Taekwondo lessons include; self-defense, poomse, sparring, grappling, techniques, board breaking, and other aspects of taekwondo. Carolina H.E.A.T. specializes in teaching children manners, discipline, self-control and respect.The after school program provides transportation from school to dojang.
Summer Camp combines taekwondo lessons with fun activities such as; skating, bowling, swimming, going to the park and to the movie theater.
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FAQs for finding preschools in Ayden

In 2021 what types of preschool can I find near me in Ayden, NC?
There are two main types of preschool programs you can send your kids to in Ayden, NC. The first is a full-time preschool program that usually works well for parents working full-time shifts. The second is a part-time preschool program where you can enroll your child for 2-3 days per week and typically choose between a morning or afternoon shift. A part-time preschool can be a great option if you want to ease the transition of this new learning experience for your child. You can also check your options in Ayden, NC for traditional preschool centers, or private home-based preschools.
What should I look for in a good preschool program in Ayden, NC?
When you begin looking for preschools in Ayden, NC ask about the ratio of learning time to supervised play time so you can get a good sense of whether you believe your child's needs will be met. From there, ask about what a typical day consists of, what the safety protocols are and how discipline will be handled. Also, make sure to check directly with the preschool for information about their local licensing and credentials in Ayden, NC.
How can I find a preschool near me in Ayden, NC?
There are currently 4 preschools in Ayden, NC on Care.com and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare between preschool programs by traditional facility-based preschools and private, in-home preschools. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Ayden, NC who have previously sent their kids to any of the preschools you are interested in.