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The 15 best Lego sets for kids under 10

Whether you're looking for Legos for toddlers or the best Lego sets for 5-year-olds, here's a roundup of the best Lego sets for kids.

The 15 best Lego sets for kids under 10

Every month a new batch of must-have toys come out, and generally, the mass hysteria surrounding the fad comes to an end pretty quickly (looking at you, fidget spinners and Pop-Its). But Legos? Legos are forever. There are also hundreds of amazing Lego sets for kids from which to choose. 

The best Lego sets for kids aren’t just the ones that will make your little ones squeal with delight once they see the box. The true “best of” mark is how much fun they have putting it together and how long they enjoy it once the initial building is done. Most sets provide a blueprint with simple, step-by-step instructions. While some kids follow these instructions to the letter, others see them as guidelines and free-build their way to something completely unique.

Regardless of their age or their interests, there’s a Lego set for every kid out there. (And if they don’t have any interests? Well, there’s a set for that, too.) On the hunt for awesome Lego sets for kids under 10? We gotchu. From nature lovers to princess wannabes to the Minecraft-obsessed, here are the 15 best Lego sets for kids this year. 

1. LEGO Duplo Town Park Forest 

Image via Walmart

For budding Lego enthusiasts — and animal/nature lovers to boot — this Lego Duplo set is a guaranteed afternoon of fun. While any Lego lover can get down with Duplos, their bigger size makes them best suited for younger builders.

Where to buy: Lego Duplo Town Park Forest ($140, Walmart)

2. Lego Duplo Disney “Frozen” featuring Elsa and Olaf 

Image via Target

Tea and cupcakes with Elsa and Olaf? Yes, please! This cute Duplo set features only 17 pieces, but the figurines and accessories make for endless play. The perfect Legos for toddlers. 

Where to buy: Lego Duplo Disney “Frozen” ($16, Target)

3. Lego Classic Set

Image via Target

For kids who are just starting out, but are past the Duplo stage, a classic Lego set is the perfect way to go. No directions to follow, just hours of open-ended creativity. Quite possibly, one of the best Lego sets for 5-year-olds. (Also, a great gender-neutral gift.)

Where to buy: Lego Classic Set ($43, Target)

4. Lego “Star Wars” AT-ST Raider

Image via Amazon

Want to blow the mind of the Lego/“Star Wars” lover in your life? Look no further. Best suited for older builders, this set — inspired by “The Mandalorian” — features over 500 pieces, posable legs, two firing shooters and four mini figures. Need we say more?

Where to buy: Lego “Star Wars” AT-ST Raider ($38, Amazon)

5. Lego Friends Andrea’s Family House

Talk about a sweet pad! This set, part of the Lego Friends series, boasts over 800 pieces, giving kids the opportunity to create something that will rival any dream house. A balcony, pool and music room — here’s hoping we can score an invite.

Image via Lego

Where to buy: Lego Friends Andrea’s Family House ($70,

6. Lego Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Office

best lego sets for kids
Image via Lego

Calling all Harry Potter fans. Kids (and adults, of course) can step inside one of Hogwart’s most magical corners — Dumbledore’s office — with this intricate Lego set. In addition to featuring a cast of well-known characters, this Harry Potter Lego set also has the Sword of Gryffindor, a Pensieve and the Sorting Hat. Talk about a dream!

Where to buy: Lego Harry Potter Dumbledore’s Office ($80,

7. Lego Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown

Image via Kohl’s

Help Spider-Man defeat Sandman in this cool Lego set for kids 4 and up. Not only does it come with a car (that has flames shooting out of it), it comes with — what else — Spider-man’s web. 

Where to buy: Lego Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown ($10, Kohls)

8. Lego Creator 3-in-1 Race Car Transporter

Image via Target

What’s better than one Lego set? Three Lego sets in one! With this set, kids will get to create two race cars, as well as a transporter truck for said cars. All around, a pretty solid deal. 

Where to buy: Lego Creator 3-in-1 Race Car Transporter ($16, Target)

9. Lego City Wildlife Rescue Operation 

Image via Walmart

Featuring a helicopter, truck and a veterinary station, this is one of the best Lego sets for kids. It takes a little skill to build, but it ends up being the ideal set-up for open-ended play for kids of a variety of ages. 

Where to buy: Lego City Wildlife Rescue Operation ($63, Walmart)

10. Lego Disney Princess Belle’s Castle 

Image via Amazon

Be our guest! What little kid wouldn’t love creating — and then playing with — Princess Belle’s castle, which of course, comes with Lumiére and friends?! 

Where to buy: Lego Disney Princess Belle’s Castle ($50, Amazon)

11. Lego City Ocean Exploration Ship

Image via Walmart

To say this Lego set has it all is an understatement — a shark cage, a working crane and research submarine are all part of it. But the best part? It actually floats!

Where to buy: Lego City Ocean Exploration Ship ($280, Walmart)

12. Lego Minecraft: The Coral Reef 

Image via Amazon

Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or the perfect toy for Secret Secret, this Lego set is a great little something for anyone who loves Minecraft. 

Where to buy: Lego Minecraft The Coral Reef ($10, Amazon)

13. Lego London Bus

Image via Walmart

Cheerio, mate! Kids of all ages will get a kick out of this iconic red London bus. Over 100 pieces of fun, it’s a cute piece to display on dressers or shelves. 

Where to buy: Lego London Bus ($24, Walmart)

14. Lego Christmas Wreath

Image via Lego

You take care of the regular decorating, they’ll take care of the Lego decorating with this cool wreath. Better suited for more advanced builders, if they’re going to do on their own — or a great family activity. 

Where to buy: Lego Christmas Wreath ($40,

15. Lego Ice Cream Truck

Image via Lego

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… Legos, of course. No matter how old they are or what they’re into, everybody likes ice cream, so this set is a shoe-in all around. Definitely one of the most universally-appeasing Lego sets for kids.

Where to buy: Lego Ice Cream Truck ($30, Lego)