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Help and support during nature's most special nine months.


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I'm pregnant and single. Any tips on how to stay positive?

Every time I turn around I feel like I see a happy couple preparing for the arrival of a new baby. I am single and preparing on my own. It is lonely and I feel like all the joy is being sucked out of this time in my life. How... more


2 answers

Why is my baby's heartbeat so fast?

My doctor put a stethoscope to my tummy at my last visit so I could hear my baby's heart. It was going a mile a minute! I was a little too wrapped up in the moment, so I forgot to ask why it was so fast. Anyone know?


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My daughter is about to become a teen mother, and I'm worried she won't finish high school. How can I help her get her diploma and go to college?

My daughter is pregnant and the baby will be born at the beginning of her junior year of high school. It is very important to me that she finishes high school and goes to college, but is this realistic? What can I do to help?


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How many people can be in the delivery room when I give birth?

My two sisters and I are very close. I'd really like them to be in the delivery room with me and my boyfriend. Is there a maximum number of people I can bring with me when I give birth?

Need a Birth Plan Template? 16 Options

Plan your birth experience by making your wishes known! Here are 16 great examples to help you create a customized birth plan that's right for you.   A birth plan is a great way for you to visualize what you want your baby's birth to look like and... more


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How long can you safely have an epidural?

I. Hate. Pain. Is there a maximum amount of time you can have an epidural? Can I opt for one during the early stages of labour?


2 answers

Any ideas for adding fun to your work day?

Work has become a huge drag lately. We lost an important contract last week, and my boss is completely grumpy and depressed. I heard on the news that it's National Have Fun at Work Day. Besides practical jokes, which I hate, what are some games or activities we can... more


How to Reduce Spider Veins During Pregnancy

This morning, I woke up and noticed ugly purple marks on my legs. I started to panic until I realized they're spider or varicose veins. They don't hurt, but I do want to understand all I can about them as I make sure I stay healthy during my... more