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21 parenting tweets that encapsulate what we thought 2021 was going to be vs. what it was

21 parenting tweets that encapsulate what we thought 2021 was going to be vs. what it was

Remember that time all of us thought that 2021 was going to be THE YEAR?! We seemed to start off strong with an end to the pandemic seemingly insight. But then came delta and omicron and kids quarantining and schools closing down again the return of family holiday drama. We were hoodwinked!

The silver lining? We got some great fodder — particularly when it came to parenting. This year may not have been what it was supposed to be IRL, but Twitter was lit, thanks to moms and dads with killer senses of humor. Here are 21 tweets that perfectly embody what we thought 2021 was going to be versus what it actually was.  

1. It seems like it’s going in a sweet direction, and then. And then. 

2. All for one and … all for one?

3. When your kid pulls the ultimate bait and switch. 

4. Anyone else’s love language change in the past year or two?

5. How we all went into 2021 vs. how we’re leaving 2021.

6. If you ignore … everything, will it just go away?

7. We’re all just looking for a little peace and quiet. 

8. Multitasking has officially gone too far this past year. 

9. How it started vs. how it’s going. 

10. Annnd this is what it’s come to. 

11. If 2021 were a little girl.

12. Everything seemed normal when we woke up. 

13. It feels like all work and so little play. 

14. But… what about all this Moana stuff?

15. Seriously, people, we just want someone to be honest with us. 

16. We were all this dad this year.

17. Very little ROI here. 

18. There’s still time to end strong!

19. It sucks, but it’s starting to all make sense. 

20. Everyone once in a while this year, maybe you got a pleasant surprise. 

21. Pretty much 2021 in a nutshell.