Special Needs Families

siblings laughing together
Advice for families with special needs, including tips on communicating and interacting effectively.
When your child has special needs, there's a lot to think about in terms of finances. The planning process may seem overwhelming. To help, here are the five factors of special needs financial planning,...
Studies from Penn State show that by age 11 children spend about a third of their time with their siblings, which is more than time spent with parents, friends, teachers or even alone. Siblings can have...
According to her mother, 8-year-old J. is "really sweet and loves attention." She goes to her friend's house, does horseback riding, and likes to play board games. She also has cerebral palsy...
A few years ago, my then 7-year-old daughter had big plans for my demise.  These were revealed in a seemingly innocent picture she drew one day.  When I asked her to tell me about her drawing,...
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