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Allied Achievement's Photo

Allied Achievement

2526 18th Street, Astoria, NY

Costimate: $235/wk

Allied Achievement is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals providing in-home academic and behavioral support services for families of children with special needs. We provide parents with trained caregivers and private instructors who work together to create an individualized program for each student designed to maximize their chances to succeed. We also provide parents with advocacy and support when it comes to working with schools and related services providers.

Allied Achievement provides families with caregivers who engage their charges in an ongoing mentorship to help them achieve success both inside the classroom and out. They help reinforce behavioral and social skills across all settings, while assisting students in developing and nurturing new interests and skills. Caregivers have a variety of responsibilities, which are individualized to meet each child's needs. This can include transportation, homework help, arranging extracurricular activities, support during behavioral crises, and more.
All caregivers are provided with ongoing education and professional development. Caregivers are also responsible for recording the behavioral data that drives our practice daily, helping us keep our parents as informed as possible.

Allied Achievement tutors and coaches are college-educated professionals who have demonstrated both excellence in their area of expertise and enthusiasm as an educator. Like our caregivers, tutors receive ongoing training and support in crisis management and best practice approaches for assisting children of diverse learning styles. We provide tutoring both in core academic areas, such as Mathematics and Writing, as well as in areas of extracurricular enrichment, such as Music, Art, and Chess.

Everything we do is accomplished in a collaborative fashion with all parties involved in your child's life. Our team builds bridges between teachers, tutors, therapists, and family members, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page. Our aim is to provide all the necessary infrastructure to make learning experiences for your child as meaningful and inspiring as possible, helping each student to maximize their personal potential.
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