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Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service's Photo

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service

4714 Ballard Avenue N.W., Seattle, WA

I have owned Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service for a little over 14 years starting in July 1998. The premise of the service was to help out people with their pets while they are traveling or away at work. My company provides dog walking cat sitting, overnight care and also offers medication to animals that are sick and need the extra care.

My company is licensed, bonded and insured and comes highly recommended (16 letters rating my service a straight A), local vets and grooming shops, as well as many repeat customers that have used me over the years.

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service covers the following Seattle neighborhoods:

* Ballard
* Fremont
* Greenlake
* U District
* Wedgewood
* Hawthorne Hills
* Sandpoint
* Capitol Hill
* Downtown
* Queen Anne
* Magnolia

Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service offers both long and short term dog walking services for Seattle. We take the time to pamper your pet, offering quality playtime, fresh food and water, and plenty of TLC.

* Feeding
* Newspaper/mail retrieval
* Playtime

Sitting Services
While you're away on a trip or busy at work, Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Services will come to your house, walk your dog, or stay with your cat, and, in addition, provide the following services:

* Making sure your pets always have the proper amount of fresh food and water
* Quality play time for each pet while pet sitting
* Brushing
* Cleaning up "accidents"
* Litterbox cleaning

If you'd like, we can also provide the following services to give you peace of mind while you're away from your home:

* Alternating your house lights
* Newspaper/mail retrieval
* Watering Plants
* Taking out trash and recycling
* Other services - just ask

Overnight Care
We provide overnight pet care for the Seattle area in your home for animals that are not comfortable being alone. The overnight includes visits throughout the day; morning, noon and evening. We do a short visit from 10:00 to 10:20 so the pet is relieved before bed and we stay overnight until 7:00 the following morning.

Pet Health
Fantastic Dog and Cat Sitting Service has over 13 years of experience working with pets with medical issues.


For appointments, special requests and rates, submit and information request or contact Dan MacDonald at:
or call (206) 547-5947
Professional Home/Pet Caretakers!'s Photo

Professional Home/Pet Caretakers!

Greater Seattle Area, Seattle, WA

Hi, we are a Husband and Wife team who love to help "pets with people"!

We offer to house/pet sit because dogs, cats and other pets are far more comfortable and far happier if able to stay in their own environment. Familiar sights, surroundings and scents are infinitely preferable to uprooting animals and putting them in kennels/catteries or other locations away from their home. Pets crave companionship and kennels are no substitute for human interaction and proper exercise.

Experienced house/pet sitters, love and care for pets allowing owners to be away, knowing their fur-babies are happy and well cared for in their own home. THAT'S US! We love animals, caring for animals, and those who love THEM! Pets such as cats, dogs, and other small animals. (Our experiences include: chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish, birds, lizards, and crabs.) We are happy to take pets to the vet if needed, administer pills, creams or other medication, as well as maintain owner-established routines and behaviors including feeding rituals and training issues.

We are happy to groom pets, bathe them when necessary, fuss with them, talk to them and walk with them. We are very familiar with ages birth to seniors, special needs/disabled, pregnancies, delivery, and after care. Over the years, we have given a new life to 14+ rescue puppies, kittens, dogs, & cats.

It's also important to us that homeowners can take worry-free vacations and enjoy holidays knowing their home and property is well cared for. Your benefits:
honest & clean people, non-smokers & non-drug users, fit & active.
home & property owners/leasers in MI, MN, MT, WA.
gardener, handyman, & great problem-solvers.
we'll be able to handle the situation, if something goes wrong.
garden, lawn, flowers, or plants will not be a barren wasteland when you return.
glowing references that we will be happy to share with you.
will not stand you up before you leave or while you're away.
follow house rules and are respectful of your property.
maintain energetic, peaceful living environments w/ clean living habits.

We are happy to give daily or weekly updates during your time away (although if you prefer not to be disturbed that is okay too). We also provide a thorough cleaning service, free of charge of course, at the end of each sit so you arrive home to a sparkling clean house!

Hope to hear from you soon; we d love to hear more about you and your fur family.
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