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Considering sharing a caregiver? Be sure to do your homework: Nanny shares and shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.

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Megan Portland, OR

1 Pre-schooler, 1 School-kid
Care need: Full-Time
Has a preferred nanny
We are J (age 5), C (2 1/2), and mama (Megan). Dada (Dennis) is a very involved dad but lives outside of the home. J is in in-person Kindergarten near our home. Mom works full time (currently from home) and works standard/stable hours. We love the outdoors, music, reading, and playing sports. Our ideal nanny share: We are looking for another 2 year old to join our nanny share in SW Portland (Raleigh Park) starting December 1. Your child would join my 2 year old (June 2019 birthday) in our home, which is set up with a well-outfitted playroom, a fenced in yard with a play structure, and a dedicated bedroom for napping in a pack n play. We also have a double stroller and are walking distance to the toddler-friendly playground at Raleigh Park and the West Slope library. Music, reading, movement, and art projects would be a regular part of your child's day as well as outdoor play rain or shine. We are looking for someone to join us 2-4 days a week Mon-Thu from approximately 8-5 from December 1 through the end of June. (For example, our past share was on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-5 and occasionally the other family would add time on Wednesdays, based on grandparent's availability) I am not open to not hosting the share at this time, as my Kindergartner joins the group after school lets out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. All adults in the home/family including the nanny are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and that would be our expectation of the joining family as well. There are no children in the home who are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination yet, but they will be vaccinated once eligible. While we are somewhat COVID cautious we do have a Kindergartner in in-person school and I am looking forward to going back to work in person once the office opens in January, just to set expectations. We are pro-vaccine, pro-mask, and pro-parent's mental health for having children in care while working while accepting the risks involved with that choice. We do have an established nanny who has 10 years of experience in early childhood education and who we have known and loved since 2019 when she was our older child's preschool teacher. She has worked at Happy Hollow Children's Center, the Nike Child Development Program and the Children's Daycare at Portland State. She graduated from Portland State with a bachelor's degree focused on education. She's worked in diverse schools that focused on multi-sensory experiences based on a mindfulness curriculum that cultivated empathy and emotional/social skills in children. Her methods are creating an approach to ensure a positive development for the child's emotional, social and cognitive learning. She uses positive behavior intervention strategies and mindful language that builds upon trust and compassion with the child. She believes that exploration and discovery are key components that enrich the beauty of the child's unique development. She creates a non-judgmental, safe and calm presence with children. Nanny has been background checked and has a clean driving history, and ideally would be cleared to transport your child by car within reason for daily adventures around the Portland area. As the host family I do offer her paid vacation time and paid sick time. The rate for the share family would be $13 per hour paid directly to the nanny under your own contract with her.
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*Nanny share rates are estimated using hourly rates posted on by families seeking full-time care for a single child in a particular geographic area. Nanny share estimates assume 33% increase over traditional nanny cost and do not reflect any sharing of cost across multiple families. Actual costs to employ a nanny share may vary and estimated costs do not include additional increases for taxes, insurance, or benefits.