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A seasoned Marine Biologist knows how you feel! Most students start well but fall behind as the coursework increases. It's not for lack of effort, it's just that classroom settings don't work for everyone. It is for this reason quality tutoring is so effective! I've been helping students of all ages for more than 30 years and have found one method does not necessarily work for everyone. Because of this, I offer customized tutoring sessions designed for each student. My teaching methods are a culmination of formal education and decades of practical work experience in the biological and natural sciences. My experience in education includes university level teaching assistantships for senior level Marine Biology and undergraduate Biology courses, tutoring high school Biology, as well as Math and English for elementary school students. Additional experience includes employment as a professional note-taker for the University of Hawaii, as well as conducting public education programs with the National Park Service. Recently, I served as a sea turtle biologist capturing, tagging and monitoring sea turtle populations along the Florida coastline. This position also included participation in marine science education and public outreach programs, as well as deployment for monitoring sea turtle populations during the BP gulf oil spill. I graduated with high honors while earning two degrees in the marine sciences. My first was a Bachelor's in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii and the second was a Master's in Marine Biology from the Florida Institute of Technology. My thesis for both degrees focused upon the description and statistical analysis of coral reef fishes surrounding the Island of Hawaii. My success in these endeavors required an extensive knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics, Ecology and Marine Biology. I led AAUS dive teams to gather the necessary data, as well as developed the scientific design, computer databases, and statistical analysis. My academic efforts culminated in scientific and community presentations of the findings. In summary, I can help you do better in school! Because I personalize my tutoring sessions, availability is limited. So if you want to do better at school, contact me now to reserve your slot!
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