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Methodist Preschool

206 Flintstone Dr, Canyon Lake, TX

Starting at $360/mo

Methodist Preschool is a Christian-based early childhood education center. Our foundation is spiritual, but notably academic. Our curriculum aligns with the local school district's academic scope & sequence, Texas's Head Start programs, and TEA's pre-K guidelines. It is a theme-based curriculum that provides students with hands-on classroom activities that allow exploration and play, improves vocabulary through inquiry and discussion, develops problem solving skills, and creates opportunities to apply their learning outside of the classroom. Lesson plans are derived from an extensive curriculum guideline providing activities that are age appropriate, developmentally diverse, and centered around student interests.
Our low student-teacher ratios help us work one-on-one with every child in our classrooms. Methodist Preschool provides a staff that is loving, nurturing, experienced, and professional. Classroom teachers are certified early childhood educators and highly qualified early childhood professionals. They have a genuine commitment to quality early childhood education as it relates to your child.
Communication with our families is very important at Methodist Preschool. We want our families to know what their child is doing at all times. Daily reports, monthly newsletters, quarterly progress reports, parent conferences, and regular school special events provide information on your child's experiences and growth. We welcome, support, and encourage parental involvement and want our families to participate in their child's education any time they are able.
The Methodist Preschool program believes that children are a special gift from God and we treasure our time with them. Our purpose is to provide young children a quality education and promote Christian values that will foster social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual growth. We endeavor to educate young children about God's love and how to use their unique talents for His purpose. We desire to give every child a solid foundation that will encourage a love of learning and a love for God that will last a lifetime!
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