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The Early Learner Private Preschool

784 Dark Horse Ln., Buda, TX

Starting at $650/mo

At The Early Learner, we aim to engage young minds with creative, educational and physical activities. We offer a child centered and teacher facilitated approach to learning for children ages 2 - 6 years. A small group environment allows for personalized attention for your child. We incorporate various facets of the different teaching philosophies; as there is no one teaching philosophy that applies to all children. For this reason, we select methods that work for the children in our care that help to stimulate their potential. Child interests are always fed as learning opportunities occur. In addition, new ideas are always introduced as we progress through thematic units. There is a balance of student directed and teacher directed activities as well as activities that are unique to your child's learning style. Careful planning is made so that we include activities for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Our schedule is routine oriented so that children know exactly what to expect and can anticipate what is to come. Children are in a safe and predictable environment that provides emotional security which allows them to build confidence. Mixed aged classroom encourages leadership skills, mentoring, compassion and respect for others varied abilities. As younger students rise in age, their role in the classroom changes as they become the older group and comfortably display leadership qualities. Learning opportunities are always explored. Children's inquiries lead to project based activities where children can now question and see results based on what they have experienced; meanwhile applying and reinforcing the academic vocabulary presented by the teacher. Having a positive preschool experience that is fun, engaging, with hands on experiences that are purposeful will help to develop skills in key competency areas such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, resourcefulness and creativity. A quality preschool program lays the foundation for future academic, physical and social and emotional success. It is important to recognize the needs and individual learning styles of individual children and have the freedom to attend to and guide their preschool experience. At the Early Learner, your child will be inspired through play, exploration and discovery!
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The Learning Experience - Buda

825 Main St., Buda, TX

At The Learning Experience Academy of Early Education, we believe that caring for and educating children is a noble and enriching task. We are more than just a child care center. We pride ourselves on the love and respect we provide to each child and their family. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing children with the tools and the environment necessary to achieve their highest potential.

When you walk into our center, you get a sense of being amongst family. We consider our center to be your child's home away from home. At The Learning Experience children are given the support they need to grow socially, physically and emotionally (or LEARN, PLAY and GROW) in a safe and secure environment. High-tech security systems, an exceptional and proprietary curriculum, a well-equipped, clean and sanitary environment and state of the art center are just some of the ways The Learning Experience stands apart from the others. We are proud of our structured, yet fun environment that offers children a world of opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge, all while establishing a love for learning and giving parents peace of mind that their child is in good hands.

It is important to trust the people who are responsible for the care and education of your children. Each staff member is a loving and nurturing individual with exceptional credentials. Teachers and assistants must follow strict guidelines, meet all state certification requirements and are encouraged to participate in sponsored continuing education programs. Mandatory First Aid training and CPR courses are provided annually. Consistent evaluations by superiors and parents help maintain the center's high standard of excellence for its personnel.

We know that choosing a daycare for your child can be a difficult decision. Knowing that, we are here to help and to provide parents with peace of mind that their little one(s) are being cared for in a nurturing, warm and secure environment. Whether your child is an infant or preschooler, we offer the best in age-appropriate care and academic and enrichment programming. We encourage you to visit our center so that you can see first-hand you how we can make a positive difference in your child's life.
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