Child care costs are affecting way more than bank account balances.

As the cost of care continues to rise at an astonishing rate, the interdependency between care and work is becoming more and more evident. In fact, many working parents are:

  • Changing jobs for higher pay or more flexible schedules
  • Scaling back their hours to save on childcare
  • Leaving the workforce altogether
  • Using sick days, coming in late, or bringing their child to work because child care fell through

Many of the parents told us they're regretful of the concessions they've made in their careers, and a massive 86% said they wish they received more support from their employers. And, it isn't just employees feeling the pressure. A recent analysis by ReadyNation estimates that productivity problems due to child care challenges cost employers $12.7 billion annually.

To see the astonishing statistics in more depth, check out the results of the 2019 Cost of Care Survey.

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The C@W service was great! We actually initially tried to book care through my husband's work with another backup care provider. We didn't hear back after 5 days so cancelled that request. Care@Work is so much better. Phone lines are super responsive (vs. the other provider where we were on the line for 20 minutes and finally hung up). The follow-up was awesome, booking was fast for our super last-minute attempt, we got a phone notification, a call from Care@Work, as well as a call from our babysitter to confirm.