11 Catchy Jump Rope Rhymes

June 19, 2017

Teach your child these old and new catchy tunes to pump up playtime.

This summer, bring back a classic. Introduce the kids to jump ropes in all their colorful beaded and fringe-accented glory. This old-school toy rope is the centerpiece for several jumping games guided by clever rhymes.

Favorite Jump Rope Rhymes
A recess staple, jump rope rhymes can be done solo with short jump ropes or as a group activity with long ropes. Can't quite remember the tunes you skipped to in your elementary days? Jump-start your memory with these sing-song rhymes.

  1. Cinderella
    Always a favorite among girls, Cinderella is a counting rhyme. To provide a bigger challenge, have kids count by two's, three's or multiples of a given number.
  2. Down the Mississippi
    In addition to jumping to Down the Mississippi, try spelling out M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i as the kids skip.
  3. Miss Mary Mack
    Also a popular song to clap to, Miss Mary Mack tells the tale of a girl with silver buttons down her back.
  4. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    This ditty is also a tongue twister, making it extra difficult to sing Fuzzy Wuzzy and jump at the same time.
  5. Mabel, Mabel
    A perfect jump rope song to try just before sitting down to eat, Mabel, Mabel is a true classic!
  6. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
    If your kids really want to make others watch their smooth jump rope skills, this is the go-to rhyme. Mimic the actions mentioned in Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear for an extra challenge.
  7. 7-Up
    Show off your counting skills and flexibility with 7-Up.
  8. Texaco Mexico
    With actions to accompany each line, Texaco Mexico is for more advanced jumpers.

New Jump Rope Rhymes
Try making up new jump rope rhymes with your children -- it's easier than you think, and it is something they'll likely remember for years. Start by humming or singing a favorite song, then try changing the words to create a funny story or teach a lesson. Feel free to add in hand gestures or cues for the feet. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


  1. Happy Day
    Help your little one sing this rhyme to the tune of "Happy Birthday." This is also perfect for a group of children playing with one long jump rope.

    Happy day to you!
    Happy day to you!
    Happy day, dear (child's name).
    Happy day to you!

    (Repeat with the next child's name as they take a turn.)
  2. Jump a Rope
    Sing this rhyme to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" while skipping individually or as a group.

    Jump, jump, jump a rope,
    Merrily in the spring.
    Hop, hop on each foot,
    As fast as you can sing.

    (Repeat and try to skip faster with each verse.)
  3. Skipping Feet
    If your child can sing "Jingle Bells," this jump rope song will be an easy one to learn.

    Skipping feet, skipping feet,
    Skipping feet all day.
    Oh what fun it is to skip,
    The whole day away. Hey!

Singing and jumping rope not only create lasting memories for you and your child, but these activities are also a great way to exercise through play and encourage your child's creative thinking skills. Now it's your turn to make up a song. Go!

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Angela Tague spent her childhood jumping rope, twirling a hula hoop and riding horses. Today she writes about parenting and lifestyle topics for multiple publications including Fit Pregnancy and Parenting.

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