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The average hourly rate for child carers in Ireland is between €11 and €14
Christine S.
  • From 9 /hr
  • Mountbellew
1 1 Verification Hired Once
I'm a qualified matured childminder with many years experience
| I'm confident knowledgeable worker dedicated to creating a stimulating encouraging safe atmosphere for each child individual needs .During my 5+more years i experience I have developed a strong skills in supporting young children and i am genuinely passionate about kids and childcare and play experience I have excellent record of working successfully with a irish single dad in ireland minding his 2 kids and abroad .I take pride in being able to handle most difficult situations sympathetically but professionalism I love outdoors and doing outdoor activities with kids like playing soccer I love reading stories to kids and love educational games like building words and leggo blocks and enjoy puzzle I have a great sense of humour and get on with kids very well I am big supported of school activities like rugby matches wen kids play and soccer and swimming i m always open to new ideas and games kids want to play i have real passion to work with young kids and teaching and helping them in learning skills I prepare meals and teach them in health such as eating resting and toilet habits I also teach them simple painting and drawing ; handicrafts organising and storing toys preparing their bath times and helping and assisting them in their homework and supervise to see their homework gets done light cleaning always making sure the house is tidy and objects is out of the way to make playing place a more saver place for kids ##.#### in
Fernanda A.
  • From 10 /hr
  • Mountjoy
2 1 Verification Hired Once
I am committed to creating an engaging atmosphere where they can thrive and develop their skills.
| With 2 years experience in childcare, I have had the privilege of working with children of various ages and backgrounds. My passion for nurturing and supporting their growth, combined with my strong communication and interpersonal skills, makes me confident in my ability to provide a safe and loving environment for your little ones. I understand that entrusting someone with the care of your children is a significant decision, and I want to assure you that their well-being will be my top priority. I am well-versed in planning educational and fun activities tailored to each child's unique personality and interests. Whether it's organizing arts and crafts, engaging in imaginative play, or assisting with homework, I strive to create meaningful experiences that promote their intellectual, emotional, and social development. You can trust that I will prioritize their safety at all times and handle any situation with the utmost care and professionalism. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and your family to discuss your specific needs and how I can contribute to their well-being.
Fernanda watched our three children (ages 5, 3, and 7 months) for an afternoon through evening. She brought some activities for them to do in the home we had rented in Dublin. She was thoughtful with her updates to us about how the children were doing and got all 3 to bed just fine. She helped cook them dinner too. Overall a wonderful experience!"
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Reviewed by Laurie M.
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