DIY Easter Bunny Gift Box

15 Apr 2019

Kids will love making this adorable little Easter Bunny Gift Box. Fill it with chocolate treats and give as a gift, or use it to store special treasures all year round.

Bunny Gift boxes can be decorated with a crown made from confetti or even paper flowers. If you really want to get creative, raid the craft drawer for glitter, feathers or pretty stickers to decorate your bunny’s crown.

Round cardboard boxes can be purchased from most craft supply or discount variety stores.

You will need:

•   Round cardboard box with lid

•   Acrylic paint (your choice of colour)

•   Paint brush

•   Felt scrap (colour to match paint)

•   2 x small pink pom poms

•   2 x googly eyes

•   Glue stick

•   Confetti or small paper flowers (optional)

•   Black marker

•   Scissors


How to make:

1. Paint your cardboard box lid and base with 2-3 coats of acrylic paint in your favourite colour. Allow to dry between coats. You can speed up the drying process with a hair dryer if you need to. Once dry set aside the base as you’ll only need the lid for the following steps. 


2. Draw a Y shape onto the lid of the box with a black marker. This will be your bunny’s nose. 



3. Glue on pom poms for cheeks on each side of the Y shape, and glue on eyes directly above each pom pom. 



4. Cut 2 identical ear shapes from felt. At the base of each ear cut a little slit no longer than the height of the edge of the box lid.



5. Pinch the base of each felt ear shape and spread out the little flaps at the bottom. Glue ears  on firmly to the lid edge above the eyes. You can use a paper clip to hold on the ears until the glue dries if required. 



6. If you would like to add a confetti or flower crown to your bunny, run a line of glue across the top of your bunny face. 



7. Sprinkle confetti over the glue, or stick on flowers. 



8. Now your Bunny Box is ready to fill with Easter treats! 



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