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The average hourly rate for babysitters in Australia is between $23 and $30
Micaela B.
  • From $26 /hr
  • Brisbane
2 Hired Once
Doctor with 3 years of experience in childcare. Focused on early stimulation.
| Hi! I'm an a 27 years old doctor (with four years of experience in medicine) who also have three years of experience in childcare. I'm really passionate about my work and I'm fully aware of the importance of early stimulation in children. So you can expect from me not only basic care and secure of your most precious thing in the whole world, but also a daily work on your child's cognitive development. I have experience as a babysitter in Australia with the best references.
I hired Micaela to help with some personal care. But I got much more than i bargained for. She is an absolute delight. Rapidly becoming quite fluent in English, she is excellent company. She is fastidious in her cleaning, generous in her cooking. Totally independent using a “goCard” and our public transport. She has never been late for work. She is trustworthy and neat in her grooming"
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Reviewed by Carmel S.
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FAQs for finding a babysitter

What’s the going rate for babysitting in Australia?

The average babysitting rates in Australia are between AUD 19 and 29. Young or inexperienced babysitters starting out in the industry tend to charge around AUD 20 hourly, whereas very experienced babysitters with qualifications in early childhood education could charge up to AUD 50 per hour. The cost of your babysitter will depend on some of the following factors: • How experienced they are • How qualified they are • How many children they have in their care at once • How far they have to travel • Whether you need babysitting during the day, at night, or on weekends • Whether you’d also like them to help around the house

How much do babysitters charge to look after more than one child?

Rates for caring for multiple children at once vary between AUD 20 and 50. Some babysitters charge more for the extra effort, whereas others will charge you the same rate, regardless of how many children they have in their care on the day. Sharing a babysitter with another family may be a way to save costs. Clarify the rate and the number of children requiring care with the babysitter in advance.

How do I find a babysitter near me?

To find a babysitter located close at hand, use the location filter available in your search on the website. Choosing a babysitter near you will help you to reduce the cost of travel, as well as giving you options if you need someone at very short notice or in the evenings.

How do I find a reliable, skilled babysitter?

You’ll want to make sure that the babysitter is suitably qualified, experienced, and knows what to do in an emergency. Check the reviews to see what kind of experiences other families have had with them. Ask them to show you their identification and qualifications (e.g. first-aid course, working with children card) and check the validity dates. Ask for references and follow up with them. Hire them for just an hour or two at their regular rate to get to know your children while you work in the next room.

How do I go about interviewing a babysitter?

Some helpful questions to ask a babysitter during an interview include: • Do you have a current police check? • Do you have a card for working with children or vulnerable people? • Have you been trained in CPR and first aid? • Do you have a driving license and a car? • Are you available at short notice? Finally, check their availability and get clear information on their babysitting rates.
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