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10 Benefits of Being a Live-In Nanny

Looking for a nanny job? Consider being a live-in nanny.

Have you ever thought about finding a job as a live-in nanny? It’s a great opportunity to work closely with a family, gain valuable experience and become an every better child care provider.

Thousands of families look for live-in nannies on every year, so snap one up!

Not sure if you want to commit? Here are 10 benefits of entering the live-in nanny community.

And even though perks for live-in nannies can range from extravagant weekly massages to the more mundane (but always appreciated) grocery store gift card, some of the best benefits have no price tag.

For Becky Kavanagh, co-president of the International Nanny Association (INA), one of the biggest benefits of working as a live-in nanny was getting to see her charges grow into young adults. While Kavanagh spent 20 years as a live-in nanny with one family, even a short time in a situation that works well can be personally and professional enriching.

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  1. You Gain Another Family
    Yes, it’s a business relationship, but if your live-in arrangement is with a family who cares for you and respects your work, you will develop a mutually caring relationship.

  2. You Can Save Money
    Although a live-in usually makes less on average per hour than a live-out nanny, your room and board are paid for. That means you have no rent or utilities to worry about and usually your grocery bill is very low. The extra money you end up with can go right into your bank account or towards student loans.

  3. You Can Advance Your Career
    If you’re a career live-in nanny, the experience you gain by living in someone’s home can easily translate into experience for roles with increasing responsibility.

    “Some nannies have a different scope of their view of their professional role,” says Lindsay Heller, also known as The Nanny Doctor. They may want to be a full-time nanny or even transition to a role of a house manager in a multi-staffed house, she says. “For the right nanny, it is an extraordinary option and can provide so many opportunities,” she says.

  4. You Have No Commute
    Not having to commute to and from work is a huge plus, says Kavanagh. Eliminating that time on the road also takes away an enormous amount of stress — no more being if you are stuck in traffic on your way to work or if your employers come home late and you need to get home. “It was very nice to be there and be ready to go,” she says. “And if something came up and it was urgent, the family knew I was there.”

  5. You May Get Use of a Car
    Some live-in nannies have their own transportation, but some are able to use an employer’s car. That saves you the expense of buying a car and insuring it. This benefit will vary by employer, so make sure you ask about transportation and other pluses like car insurance and gas reimbursement.

  6. You Receive Extra Perks
    Live-in nannies receive room and board, so you don’t have to worry about rent, utilities or food costs. But beyond that, families sometimes give live-in nannies extra benefits like gym memberships or grocery store gift cards.

  7. You Have a Room of Your Own
    Yes, you’re living with a family, but they will give you a private area. In addition to your own room, many live-in nannies also have their own bathroom and sometimes a sitting area. There’s no more negotiating space with roommates and arguing about who watches what on television. Some live-in nannies even have a separate residence, like a guest house.

  8. You Can Travel
    “If you are free to move around, you are a free agent,” says Heller. “That opens national and international jobs. It is still a job and a professional role, but you can have all kinds of adventures.” Always wanted to live in California? Apply for live-in nanny jobs in Los Angeles.

    Even family vacations offer opportunities to travel. 40 percent of nannies reported traveling with their employer’s families, according to the INA’s 2013 Salary and Benefits Survey.

  9. You Can Receive Professional Development
    Some employers will pay their nanny’s registration and possibly even travel expenses to professional conferences. They may also pay for your dues to a professional organization or to take classes.

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  10. You Can Get a Cell Phone
    Cell phone charges add up and if you’re required to have one for your job, your employer will likely pick up part of the tab or give you a set amount each month toward your cell phone bill.

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil is an award-winning freelance writer and a mom to two girls. She lives in Massachusetts and has written for local and national publications.