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Scantic River Child Care

590 Main St, Hampden, MA

Costimate: $198/wk

Scantic River Child Care is licensed as a large group child care center serving children 15 months to 5 years of age. In September 2017 SRCC relocated from the Federated Community Church to the Old Hampden Hardware Store. Our new completely renovated space holds 3 classrooms with an attached covered outdoor playground.Our Program is built on the belief that children learn through experiences. Experiences provided include, a curriculum that is theme based with developmentally appropriate practices, that are free of religious materials.

Through our curriculum and play opportunities you will find learning experiences to help further support and develop the children's cognitive, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language growth. Children are provided with a schedule to learn consistency and responsibility. In the schedule, opportunities are given to the children to make their own choices. This may include but not limited to, choosing areas during free play, choosing materials they wish to explore in those areas, and choosing specific materials during teacher directed activities.

Children are encouraged to interact with their peers, explore their environment, try out new ideas and develop communication skills. Our open classroom atmosphere allows for individual attention as well as large and small group activities to encourage learning experiences and growth.
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