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Complete Kids Care

1546 N. Parkway Dr. Suite 102, Gilbert, AZ

Costimate: $158/wk

Complete Kids Care was founded by a pediatrician and we are affiliated with her pediatric practice therefore, there is a medical provider on site at all times. We are dedicated on meeting the needs of the children and the families we serve. We pay a great deal of attention to providing a well-planned age appropriate curriculum that will help the children to learn to their highest potential. Our daycare is designed to have a lower child to teacher ratio so that it will give each and every one of the children a higher chance of thriving completely. Our staff is well-trained and each staff member has to have 18 hours of childhood development trainings every year. Our staff members are all CPR certified and re-certify before the expiration date as required. They provide a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere and we have an open door policy for those who are interested in visiting. Complete Kids Care wants to make your children feel complete and confident with themselves so that on the day that they graduate and leave our care they will feel ready for kindergarten.
Illnesses that we send your children home for are:
Fevers (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
Vomiting Diarrhea (more than 3 loose bowel movements)
Severe Coughing Constant cough
Wheezing Yellow eyes/skin
Red draining eyes Perfuse runny nose (green/yellow mucus)
Infected skin that cannot be covered

When the child is sent home for any of these illnesses then they have to be away from the daycare for twenty-four hours for health regulation purposes. We do not want other children to become sick and try to minimize illness and sick children in the center.

Because our daycare focuses on the completion of a child's growth to give them the building blocks for their next steps in life such as kindergarten. We encourage healthy eating. Our weekly meals consists of having the children try to eat fruit or vegetables weekly along with wheat bread and other healthy foods. We try to base our weekly meals by the food pyramid. If a child is allergic to a certain food we will provide them with another meal choice. We also allow parents to bring in their own foods and we will gladly prepare them. However, we do encourage healthy eating. We also have an outdoor playground for activity and art.
Complete Kids Care is friendly, nurturing, driven to educating children and giving children building blocks to become the best they can be.
Business Hours:
M-F: 6am-6pm
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Burrell Academy

3133 West Frye Road, Paradise Valley, AZ

Starting at $150/hr

Burrell Academy is your one-stop shop for all educational services for PreK-Middle school. All services being with a comprehensive assessment that compares your child to typical age peers and allows us to create an education and behavior plan for their needs.
Services Include:

-All-day College Prep Preschool

- House Visits (Behavior & Speech)
In an in-home consultation, we come directly to you to verify what your child needs, the dynamics of your household and understanding the best treatment plan for your family. Treatment plans can address behavior issues and speech issues.

-Skype Consultations
In a video consultation, we spend 60-minutes with you via Skype to verify what your child needs, the dynamics of your household and understanding the best treatment plan for your family.

-Burrell Reading Academy
Children can read fluently as soon as they start talking. This service is for anyone who is struggling to read. Whether your child is in kindergarten or 6th grade an in-home expert will use the Burrell Academy Reading program to get your child reading fluently.

-Tutoring Services
If your child is struggling academically in-home specialized tutoring maybe the extra support they need. Our tutors are certified in the areas of reading, writing and math and ready to help.

-Special Education Advocacy
From IEP's to accommodations and paperwork the special education field can be overbearing. If you are unsure what services your child should be receiving, how their disability affects their interactions, or if modifications are being followed this service is right for you.

Professional Development Trainings
Book Erica to speak at your next staff meeting.

Workshops include

Effective Behavior Management

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion within the classroom

Teaching students with special needs
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