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The Complete Guide to Senior Care Planning

How to navigate legal, financial and family matters with elderly loved ones

Introduction to senior care

There’s a lot of unique terms you’ll come across in your search for senior care, such as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Home Health Aide. See our list of terms to familiarize yourself with them and get a better idea of what your loved one needs.

Figuring out senior care is tough. It’s important to take the process slowly and one step at a time. Make sure to talk to your loved one about it and let them know they’re a part of the decision, too. It also helps to start slowly with part-time care so they can get comfortable with the idea. Don’t forget to take care of yourself throughout the process, too.

To get a sense of how a caregiver can help, here are some of the more common duties they perform: managing prescriptions, helping with personal hygiene, meal and nutrition planning, helping around the house, and transportation. Once you know which duties your loved one will need help with, you can find a caregiver suited to your loved one’s needs.

Senior Care Guides