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7 Different Types of Dog People

What type of dog owner are you? Here are 7 categories that you may fall into.

7 Different Types of Dog People

People always talk about the crazy cat lady,” but one could argue that dog people are equally obsessed with their pets. From the dog owner who coordinates outfits with her pet to the one who has a whole room in his house dedicated to her furry friend, there are various kinds of dog lovers out there.

Here are seven different kinds of dog owners you may encounter on the other side of the leash:

  1. The “I Act Like My Dog Is a Human” Owner
    Plenty of people prefer the company of animals to humans but these dog fanatics act like they’re one and the same. Their pets have the run of the house and are rarely apart from their humans. In fact, you’ll probably find the pair at a dog-friendly restaurant. And if you don’t like this owner’s furry BFF, you should keep on walking, because she’ll choose her dog over you any day of the week. Oh, and don’t be surprised if her beloved pup friends you on Facebook or has an Instagram account with more followers than you.
  2. The De Facto Dog Expert
    This dog owner has read every book there is to read on dogs and just loves talking about it. Do you have a question about fleas, ticks or puppy training? He’ll chime in with his two cents on the matter. Although he’s well-informed and certainly means to be helpful, he may just give you an earful on the pros and cons of your leash type or kindly remind you to use biodegradable doggie-poo bags the one time you grab an old shopping bag, instead. Though a know-it-all can be quite annoying, remember that his 2 a.m. texts about dog food recalls are coming from a place of love.
  3. The Helicopter Owner
    This slightly anxious dog parent keeps her pooch on a tight leash — literally and figuratively. She always fears the worst case scenario and goes to great lengths to protect her beloved furry friend. After all, who can forget the time she tackled the kid at the dog park who brought unapproved treats? Though some of her actions might seem a little crazy, she certainly has the best-behaved dog around — no licking or sniffing of strangers allowed!
  4. The Free-Spirited Owner
    This dog dad is the exact opposite of the helicopter owner. He can typically be found 50 feet behind his dog, who is off-leash — even where it’s prohibited. Occasionally under-prepared, you may see him picking up dog poop with a large leaf because he forgot to bring a baggie. And there’s no such thing as bad doggie etiquette in his eyes, because “dogs will be dogs.”
  5. The “I Have Way Too Many Dogs” Owner
    This person is the Angelina Jolie of dog owners. She has a bleeding heart and can’t so much as hear an ASPCA commercial without adopting a new pooch. She’s constantly fostering dogs, taking in strays and rescuing anything that barks. If you want a puppy fix, all you need to do is go to her house. There’s bound to be an adorable pup for you to snuggle with. As long as you don’t tell her that you bought your dog from a breeder, you will get along just fine.
  6. The Fur Baby Owner
    These owners take the phrase “fur baby” to a whole new level. In fact, everything that Princess McSnuggles owns is monogrammed or covered in rhinestones. This dog is doted on “paw and paw,” and is likely carried around in a doggie purse or straight-up strapped to her owner’s chest — baby style. In this pairing, the doggie fashionista has a larger, more expensive wardrobe than her owner. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, who doesn’t want to see a pug in a pink fedora? If you’re friends with this type of owner, you can expect to be invited to lots of doggie birthday bashes. Just make sure that you don’t skimp on the gift!
  7. The Elite, Athletic Owner
    These owners are drawn to strong, athletic and (sometimes) impractically big dogs. They’re the ones who will try to fit a Great Dane into a one-bedroom loft. No matter where he goes, this owner always comes prepared with myriad toys (which he can throw as far as Zeus himself). He likely prefers purebreds with papers, and can tell you the exact lineage of his canine companion, who is, of course, a perfect specimen.

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In the comments below, tell us which category of dog people you fall into!

Victoria Georgoff is a freelance writer, psychotherapist, lover of all animals and owner of a delightfully fluffy cat, MJ.